6 Helpful Websites You Wish You Knew Sooner

Let’s talk about some helpful websites

This week edition of helpful websites takes a look at some fun and interesting tools you can use for travel, bypassing signups and tools that can allow you to review your websites performance. Make sure to watch the video below of all the websites in action!

#1 – Bug Me Not

Bug Me Not is a website that allows users of the internet to upload user names and passwords for those websites that require you to create an account before you can actually use their service. Bug Me Not then allows you to rate the user name and password. Did it work or did it fail? If you’re on a website that is requiring you to sign up and you don’t want to be “bugged” by them through email, check out Bug Me Not.

Visit here: http://bugmenot.com/

#2 – SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a competitive analysis tool that offers a free version and a paid version. The free version is quite good as it will provide you with a lot of helpful information not only on your own website, but on other websites as well. You’ll get an idea for what keywords and phrases your competitors are going after and what they are having success with, as well as an overview of the quality of your own link profile. Allowing you to deal with any “toxic” links as SEM Rush calls them.

Visit here: https://www.semrush.com/


This website is your go-to for anything PDF related.  Now, if you actually bough and paid for Adobe Acrobat, you can take care of PDF’s yourself. But what if you just want to combine two PDF’s or you want to convert a PDF into a Word document. It’s a bit annoying having to pay a lot of money for a program when you want to do something so simple and basic.

This is where ILOVEPDF comes in. It gives a nice variety of tools that allow you to manipulate a PDF as you need. Oh, and it’s free!

Visit Here – https://www.ilovepdf.com/

#4 – Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is a no frills website that simply gives you a list of backlinks a website has. This is helpful because it can give you an idea of where a popular, well ranking website is getting it’s links from.

Visit Here – http://www.backlinkwatch.com/

#5 – Fly Onward

The secret weapon of digital nomads, Fly Onward allows you to rent an airline ticket for 24-48 hours. Why would you ever want to do this? Because countries often require you to show proof that you’ll be exiting the country at a specific date. While a reasonable requirement, you often times don’t know where you’ll be going and to have to have to buy a ticket now is annoying.

This is why Fly Onward is helpful because you can just rent a ticket and when your tourist visa is up, you can decided where you’ll go next when you’re ready, not 3-6 months before you leave!

Visit Here – https://flyonward.com/en/

#6 – SCR.IM

SCR.IM simply protects your email so it can not be added to a spam list by bots that scan web pages for terms like name @ gmail. It does this by providing you with a scr.im link instead of your email. Helpful indeed if you ever want to give your email out on a social media platform or forum.

Visit Here – http://scr.im/

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