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From Corporate Ladder To Travel Freedom

I’m David Utke, the guy behind I’m a blogger, vlogger, traveler, life long learner and adventure seeker. I’ve been working online and traveling for years. I would often get asked questions like “how do you make a website” or “how does a blog make money” or “how do I setup an online store.” So I created Website Creative Pro!

Why? Because…

I want to help build YOU online.

You have some aspect, some interest that is unique that you could turn into a profitable website and online presence.

Don’t be an echo of a more popular website. Don’t chase fads either (like Bitcoin or Shopify or Amazon FBA). Create something you’re interested in and are willing out-work others who are just doing it for the money.

That’s how you win. Focus and consistent work > Money Chasing Marketers

More? More!

In Korea with the girlfriend who I actually meet in Thailand at a Full Moon party.

Some quick notes about me:

I come from a working class family. I had to put myself through university by way of the Air Force Reserve.

I got my start in corporate working for PricewaterhouseCoopers back in 2007 (I’m in my 30’s mind you). Great opportunity to be honest. I thought I had made it in all honesty, but after a year of working 7:30 am to 10 pm everyday, the thought of doing that for the rest of my life scared the crap out of me.

I wanted to travel more and work hard building my own assets, not someone else’s. So I spent a few years from 2010-2014 figuring out how to make passive income while working random jobs. I failed a lot a long the way, began traveling, worked as an English teacher in Thailand and finally put together an income from multiple sources that allows me to live abroad and work online.


In my spare time I like to travel! It’s an absolute passion of mine. So much so I post travel videos for fun. Check it out if that’s your thing:



My Skills

I have a broad range of web skills ranging from SEO and website auditing, to social media and paid advertising. I own and operate numerous websites. I also produce tutorial and how-to videos for YouTube. Basically, I’m all about helping you get the most at what you’re doing online. If you’re looking for a web pro to help with your website, I’m your guy.

UX Site Reviews

I’ve done almost a thousand website reviews. Your website may be clear and specific, but that’s because of our own confirmation bias. Instead, have a professional take a look.

SEO Audits

I’m an experience SEO consultant. I work with content creators and small business to optimize their on page SEO for higher rankings and more traffic.

Simple Web Design

I create websites for bloggers and small business using Themify Ultra.

Video Creation

Explainer and whiteboard videos are excellent assests for sales pages, social media or landing pages.


Read more over on my Fiverr page.

  • I needed a website review and definitely got one! His critique of my website was very helpful and I will try to implement his suggestions. I know my website isn’t the best (it sucks) and I’m glad he didn’t sound too negative. He managed to find a few positives so that made me feel slightly better lol.. I would recommend his services. Thank you!

    Ram05606, Fiverr

  • Thank you this is perfect and exactly what I needed thank you for your help and I will make all the changes ASAP. I will definitely use you again as soon as I make the changes to get your advice. Thanks. Paul.

    Paul Cambel, Fiverr

  • We bought a website review. The entire process was easy and straight forward. The review was professional and really easy to follow. We can’t stress enough how valuable it was and how impressed we were with the quality and amount of thought that went in. We will be coming back for more!

    Peter Davis, Fiverr

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