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Hi I’m David Utke

Web designer, highly rated UX consultant and founder of I’ve helped thousands of people start blogs, create website and improve their online stores. I want to help you create a professional and profitable website you’ll love.

From Corporate Finance to Running an Online Content Business 

I got my start online back in 2009. I started a website called “remember me” with my brother that completely failed. Our idea was to create a sort of alternative to A Facebook for dead people if you will where people could memorialize loved ones.

We spent a few thousand dollars on web development to create this website because it was such a “good idea” we thought.

It never occurred to us to actually create a website that people wanted. Instead, we did what a lot of people do. You have a “great” idea for a website and think that’s enough.

It’s not and we lost thousands of dollars on this project.

Super Awesome Failure

My next website I launched was a dating blog called Super Awesome Dating (opens in a new tab) that I launched in 2009. I’m so good at this internet stuff 🙂

I paid 1k for a professional design because I was that naive (I also had no idea how to create a website or start a blog on my own). I wanted anyone who visited that website to be impressed by it and to trust it.

I got the idea to launch this website because I thought that there was an opportunity to create an authority website on the topic of dating. Going after keywords for both men and women. Promoting products to both men and women – WIN.

But, 30 year old career women and 20 year old college bros have radically different wants and needs. Instead of picking a market and serving it, I created a broad website that had zero appeal to anyone. Classic example of the old adage, if you’re for everyone you’re for no one.

To top it off, with a winning name like Super Awesome Dating (about as dumb of a name as you can get), and mediocre dating advice content written by a goofy out of shape 24 year old from Connecticut (me) who only had 1 girlfriend up to this point. What could go wrong?


Stupid content, stupid name, unfocused selling point. But I did start to see some small success. I got to a high point of making about $6 a day from AdSense ($200 a month roughly) and was making one-off affiliate commissions. I made back my initial investment but more importantly was starting to learn what it takes to actually build blogs and websites that can make money and help people.


I’m highly rated on Fiverr – Here’s what people are saying about me:

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  • “Excellent website review that gave me a lot of great ideas!”

    Thank you so much for your help!! I really appreciated how you balanced your opinions about positives and negatives and your feedback was really constructive.

    We got a very good idea of what we need to fix on our page. We were very surprised about all the issues with the page we never tought of. Going to fix these things and will get an other review afterward. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • “David is great and he is an asset to Fiverr community.”

    He is on time and very professional. I like his advice and we will improve our site in the next a few week. Thanks David and keep up the good work. A+

Success Through Failure

Through learning and understanding how good design enhances content, on-page SEO, keyword research and a long term commitment to building an online asset that helps people through providing content and services  people actually want and need, I finally had my first major success in the ESL industry.

I started Website Creative Pro as a way to share helpful lessons learned, free material, videos and high quality paid courses for smart people who want to build a blogging based business. You’re here, let’s do this.



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