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Having a microphone for a computer is one of the most useful and essential items for creating videos. It is every bit as essential as a quality camera for YouTube.

External microphones are critical for numerous online projects.

For example, need to do voice over work for a YouTube video? What about having quality audio with your camera for online courses? Want to do screen recordings for tutorial videos? What about podcasting?

You’re going to need an external microphone designed for a computer.

Your built in microphone on your laptop is fine for making casual Skype calls but not much else. So what are some things you should look for in buying a microphone?

Multiple sound channels

An ideal microphone should have the ability to switch between multiple sound channels. This means that you can setup the microphone to record sound coming from multiple directions or just one direction.

So if you’re interviewing someone for example, you could set the microphone to have 2-channel sound (front and back) or 4-channel sound (surround sound). If you’re just doing voice over work or screen recordings you can set it for one channel only.

Small and portable

Small and portable is best. There are numerous options for buying a microphone. Most microphones for a laptops and computers tend to be large and bulky. If you’re not traveling then getting a large microphone may make sense.

But having a microphone that is small, light and portable makes it easy to take with you from different locations while not being a burden to carry.

Helpful accessories

You’ll want a microphone that has a different useful accessories like a pop filter, wind filter, tripod or handle. Accessories add to the usefulness of your microphone.

I personally find a pop filter and a small tripod to be the most useful accessories when it comes to microphones for YouTube videos made on a laptop or computer.

Best Microphones for Computers and laptops

So here are the best microphones for a laptop and computer. After using multiple microphones, these are the microphones that provide the best sound quality while at the same time being the most useful and functional for most people.

  • Zoom H2N
  • Blue Yeti
  • Fifine Microphone
  • Samson Go Mic Portable
  • Samson Meteor Mic
  • Blue Snowball Mic
  • TKGOU Plug and Play Microphone

Zoom H2N – The best multi-purpose microphone

Microphone and accessory kit.

The Zoom H2N Handy Recorder tops the list because it’s the most flexible, multi-purpose microphone on the list. You can pair this microphone via a USB connection to your laptop or computer or you can buy a wire and attach it to your DSLR (or mirrorless) camera for some rich sounding audio.

You can even use this as a stand alone recording device for interviews and on the go podcasts as it’s battery powered (when not plugged in via USB) and can save audio recording directly.

This microphone is worth every penny and has help me make thousands of dollars through YouTube videos and Fiverr. It has multi channel functionality because it has 8 mini microphones built into it so it’s omnidirectional.


  • High quality audio.
  • Works with both cameras, laptops, computers and can be used as a stand-a-lone recording device.
  • Has multiple microphones so you can change where it picks up sound from.
  • Built in mic gain.
  • Headphone output.


  • This is a fairly expensive microphone.
  • The accessory kit comes separately (which has a tripod, handle and wind filter).

Blue Yeti – High quality recording device

Excellent but big and heavy.

The Blue Yeti is a highly recommended microphone for podcasters and anyone looking to do voice over work for a video. The main issue however is that this microphone is big, heavy and quite bulky.

If having something that is portable is important to you then skip on the Blue Yeti.

Where this microphones shines however is that for a fair price you get a lot of professional grade features like a mic gain, multiple condenser capsules and a headphone jack output.


  • Excellent quality audio for YouTube videos or podcasts.
  • Mic gain, headphone output, plug and play USB microphone.


  • This microphone is big. It lives up to it’s name and is not particularly portable.
  • Can’t be used with a camera.

Fifine Microphone – The budget friendly microphone

Simple, low cost microphone.

We love the Fifine microphone for it’s simplicity in design, usability and sound quality. While not at the same level as the H2N and lacking a lot of the pro features like controlling the mic gain and having multiple sound directions.

If you’re just needing a basic microphone for voice overs that does not cost too much, then the Fifine microphone may be a good choice for you. It’s medium sized microphone that is plug and play via USB.


  • Good microphone for voice. Designed to pick up vocals and not any background noise.
  • Good built quality.
  • Small enough to take with you if need be.
  • Plug and play for ease of use.


  • Lacks more advance features of more premium microphones.

Samson Go Mic Portable – The tiny microphone

The tiny option.

Another excellent, budget option. The Samson Go Mic is a cute, tiny little microphone that packs up for on the go use and won’t take up too much space in your bag.

As a more budget microphone, don’t expect any premium features. However, if you’re looking for a simple and portable USB condenser microphone the Go Mic is a good choice.

It’s compatible with both Windows and IOS and can also be used with your phone if need be as it’s compatible via a Apple Lightening to USB adapter.

All in all, if you’re looking for a small microphone to replace your integrated microphone on your laptop as a way to give you improved audio this microphone does just that.


  • An excellent step up from your built-in, internal audio on your laptop.
  • Small, convenient size.
  • Good for voice recording.


  • Designed for voice recording while using your laptop and not much else.
  • Build quality is poor and the USSB wires may wear out quickly.

Samson Meteor Mic – The lower mid range option

Stylish, small and simple.

Samson really does a nice job with creating small, portable microphones. The meteor mic is no exception. It’s a stylish, portable microphone perfect for recording audio on a laptop or computer.

At this price point don’t expect any advanced controls but if you’re in need of something for voice over work or audio recordings this microphone is a solid choice.

As it’s a USB condenser microphone there is no way to attach this to a camera.


  • A simple, cost effective, no frills microphone


  • Lacks the various pro features of more advanced microphones like the Blue Yeti or the Zoom H2N.

Blue Snowball – The original cheap microphone

The classic option.

The Blue Snowball is still one of the best budget friendly microphones on the market today. It’s a personal favorite of podcasters and YouTubers due to the high quality audio that can be recorded and the fact that it does an excellent job of blocking out background noise.

The main issue however with this excellent microphone however is that the build quality is low. It comes in a plastic body with fragile wires that make recording quite annoying if you intend on using this microphone for years.

However, for the price the Blue Snowball still produces some of the most premium sounding audio at a great price.


  • Excellent audio and very good noise cancellation for such a cheap microphone.


  • Build quality could with regards to wire as well as the longevity of the microphone could be vastly improved.

TKGOU Plug and Play – Pop filter microphone

Excellent pop filter.

This is a medium sized microphone that comes with a built in pop filter. A pop filter is quite important because when you say words that being with the letter “p you tend to push to much air at the microphone, making your audio peak.

This is a simple and affordable microphone for both Windows and IOS laptops an computers. It’s plug and play and works right out of the box. As with all budget microphones don’t expect advanced controls like mic gain or sound direction options.


  • Excellent sounding microphone.
  • Good build quality with a pop filter included.
  • Plug and play installation via a USB connection.


  • This microphone is on the larger side and may not be ideal for on the go travel situations.

Best microphones for Windows and IOS conclusion

So that is Website Creative PRO’s guide to the best microphones for computers, including both Windows 10 and IOS. The best microphone you can get is the Zoom H2N. It’s small, portable, produces high quality sound, can be attached to a camera for talking head videos and has various pro features you’ll love.

It is however the most expensive on the list. For a microphone for just a laptop or computer I would consider the Blue Snowball. Again though, it depends on your specific needs.

Regardless, getting a microphone as well as a high quality webcam are two excellent ways to vastly improve the functionality of your laptop or computer.

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