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Looking for a curated list of the best WordPress themes? Look no further than Website Creative Pro

The amount of themes available to use for WordPress is a bit dizzying. What theme should you actually get and what themes you can safely ignore?

On this page we’re going to take a look at the most popular themes and dive into their pros and cons. In addition, I’ll share with you some of my favorite free themes.


With any theme I consider the following to be essential:

  • Load Speed
  • Overall Design Flexibility
  • Mobile Ready

Load Speed

Your web host plays a large part in the load speed of your website, but so does the theme (and how you design it). Themes that are poorly coded, not updated to keep up with current design standards and themes that simply become bloated over time will slow down your website.

Overall Design Flexibility

Some themes look great out of the proverbial box. Others are specifically designed to be used with a page builder so you can customize a website. Other themes are somewhere in the middle.

I like themes that provides a decent amount of flexibility as a way to create different pages with different purposes. Like a homepage with an opt-in form, blog posts with no sidebar if I want or a call to action situated at the bottom of every page.

Mobile Ready

Did you know that 40% of’s traffic is from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets? Everyone always talks about the best WordPress themes but then they forget to mention that a large portion of your traffic will be from mobile devices.

Mobile ready means your website looks great on a phone. The header is NOT sticky, the menu is easy to navigate and your website is just easy to use.


What theme should you get to build your website or blog? Like most, you’re going to want to have control over the whole design. With that in mind these are the best themes for WordPress:

  • Ultra Theme
  • DIVI Theme
  • Avada Theme
  • Sugar Blog

Ultra Theme – The Best Theme For Bloggers

Update: Themify has give Website Creative Pro readers a discount on the purchase price. Simply purchase Themify Ultra and use coupon code ULTRAPRO 👍

Website Creative Pro uses Ultra

I’ll admit it, I’m an Ultra Theme ( fanboy). But that’s because I always revert back to this theme no matter what the project. I give other themes a chance, but I always end up using Ultra for client work and my own projects. For such a low price, you get a theme that just plain works.

It’s designed in all the right ways. You can install various pre-made templates and customize from there or you can build your website using the in-built Themify page builder. Which is a drag and drop editor that is quick, simple and easy to use.

Last, Ultra comes with helpful features any internet marketer needs. You can easily create landing pages and sales pages with no sidebar, headers or footer.

Want to create a squeeze page to capture emails? You can with Ultra!

Want to customize the look of a page individually like I’ve done here? with Ultra you can.


This is the best theme for niche websites and internet marketers looking to sell products and collect emails. It’s also quite affordable. With your purchase you can use it on unlimited websites.


The front end page building experience could be improved. Themify page builder is excellent on the back end (see the video). You also have to pay for a license on a yearly basis – but again you can use this theme on multiple websites.

Checkout Themify Ultra – Discount code ULTRAPRO

DIVI Theme – The Most Popular Front End Page Builder

DIVI is an amazing theme created by Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes has been a WordPress theme maker, creating lovely looking themes for years.

One issue though, ALL their themes were one size fits all. That was true until the released their DIVI theme back in 2016.

DIVI took the WordPress community by storm in that it was the first, real framework that had a visual front end page builder.

With DIVI, you can log into your WordPress website and start editing the design of your website in real time with a drag and drop editor.

DIVI is a top choice for beginners and professionals alike in that you can create a website you’ll love with ease.


Visual front end page builder. DIVI is not just a theme, it’s front end piece of software that is a drag and drop framework for quickly and easily creating professional looking websites.

You can use it on unlimited websites with your license and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked),


Expensive. You have your choice of paying yearly or paying a one time fee. Last, it’s also a headache to switch away from DIVI if later you decide to try out a different theme due to the way DIVI handles your content.

Lean more about DIVI here.

Avada Theme – The BEST Selling WordPress Theme on Theme Forest

The Avada Theme has been the best selling WordPress theme on the Theme Forest market place (the biggest market place for themes in the world) for YEARS. It’s a multi-purpose theme with it’s own built in page builder allowing you to create any sort of website you want.

The Avada theme is a bit less least beginner friendly than Ultra and DIVI, but it’s still an excellent theme and it’s the best selling theme on Theme Forest for a reason.


One time fee. You get updates for life and you get a theme with a built in page builder with templates you can customize with ease.

As it is the best selling theme of all time on Theme Forest you can rest assured that this theme is not going to be abandoned.


Your license is for only one website. With your purchase you’ll be given a key to unlock your theme (which prevents you from using it on multiple websites).

Sugar Blog – My Personal Blog Theme

I get so many compliments on the design of my personal blog I get emails every month asking me who designed my website or what WordPress theme am I using and the answer is the Sugar Blog theme.

This is an “out of the box” theme with a minimal customization options. This is good and bad. If you want a dedicated homepage or the ability to make squeeze pages or sales pages this theme is not it.

But if you’re looking for a cool, minimalistic blog theme, the Sugar Blog theme delivers. While it’s designed with a more feminine perspective in mind, with the right fonts and graphics you can make it fit any sort of style.

Just visit to see it in action.


Sexy cool design right out of the box. Looks great on mobile too.


Minimal customization options. It’s an “out of the box” theme so don’t expect too much from it.

Pick up your copy here.


If none of the above caught your interest and you’re wondering where to checkout additional WordPress themes I suggest looking at the next two places for your WordPress theme:

  • StudioPress
  • Theme Forest

StudioPress – The Fast Design Framework

StudioPress was developed by a partnership between and Thesis Themes a few years ago. Today however, StudioPress has developed into a fully independent theme maker who builds child themes for their proprietary Genesis framework.

A child theme is basically a pre-built skin for the Genesis framework. When you buy a StudioPress theme you get both the framework and the child theme.

StudioPress is trusted and used by some of the biggest, most popular websites in the world and are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a theme that is FAST and properly coded.


The Genesis framework is designed to be light and fast so your website loads quickly. Genesis child themes have a high standard in terms of code and are the choice of numerous professional bloggers and online content creators.


NOT beginner friendly. Genesis is not a drag and drop framework and is not beginner friendly, you’ve been warned. You’re going to need a developer to help you customize your website in all the ways you want. However, it’s an excellent framework to build your website on.

Learn more about StudioPress here.

Theme Forest – The Biggest WordPress Theme Market Place

Theme Forest is a massive market place for premium themes. If you’re looking for a marketplace with hundreds of different themes to checkout, look to further than Theme Forest. The Theme Forest marketplace has all sorts of themes for different projects. One page themes for sales pages, multi-purpose themes to custom build websites, pre-made themes.

Pros: It’s a market place that has a wide selection of themes from independent WordPress theme makers. The top themes are the best because they are the best selling and most trusted.

Cons: Theme Forest is market place and NOT a theme maker. As such, support for your theme is dependant on the theme maker. This can be hit or miss depending on the theme maker.

Checkout The Theme Forest Marketplace Here.


Elementor is the most popular page building plugin in the world (installed on some 2+ million websites!). Because of it’s popularity numerous themes have been designed to leverage it’s capabilities to the full extend.

Elementor has a free version and a premium version. Start off with the free version, if you like it then upgrade to the full version so you access to all the page building awesomeness. Below are three themes that are specifically designed to be used with the Elementor plugin:

Elementor Themes

Generate Press (Free + Upgrade) – Generate Press is a fast, lightweight theme designed for speed. It has a free version and a premium version. The premium version gives you complete control over the design aspects of your website. Paired with Elementor, you will have full control over the design of your website by the use of the Elementor drag and drop editor.

Astra (Free + Upgrade) – Astra markets itself as being one of the fastest themes available and I agree! I use Astra on two content websites I own and the sites load in under a second! Astra is lightweight and best of all, you can download a plug-in called Astra sites – which gives you a bunch of templates to customize yourself. For a tutorial on how to use Astra go here.

OceanWP (Free + Upgrade) – OceanWP is the last of the freemium themes. Like it’s competitors, Astra and Generate – it comes with numerous templates you can quickly and easily download which can then be edited with eh Elementor plugin!

Hello Elementor – This is a free theme that is designed by the team behind Elementor to be used with the premium version of Elementor (Elementor Pro). If you don’t have Elementor Pro, the Hello Elementor theme is pretty useless.

Which of these themes is the best?

It’s a personal choice. Again, all these themes are tools so it just depends on which theme you like and enjoy using the most with Elementor.

For an example of an Astra theme you can visit

For Generate Press take a look at

For OceanWP visit

Learn more about Elementor here.


I get it, you don’t want to purchase a premium theme just yet for whatever reason. The following are free themes you can download and install on your blog or website directly from the WordPress theme directory.

*note: all open in a new tab

Hestia – A business theme with a dedicated homepage featuring a hero image and a call to action.

Shamrock – Clean white design, imposing header and a sidebar! Your standard blog design. Classic and effective.

Pro Blogg  – Heavy focus on the content with a magazine style homepage. A cheap mans version of the Sugar Blog .

Love Craft  – Sexy feminine design. Perfect for a female oriented blogger.

WLOW Theme  – A lovely business theme. It has a very attractive homepage, two menus, and a great looking blog post layout. Here is my tutorial on how to use it.

Sydney Theme (Free + Upgrade) – Like the WLOW theme, but a bit more feminine.

Flash Theme (Free + Upgrade) – A good theme for a content heavy website. It also has a lovely homepage design with a magazine feel and a call to action at the top.

Flash Blog – A new free theme that has a lot of cool style elements that make it look great on a laptop or mobile devices.

Twenty Seventeen Theme  – The flagship theme from WordPress. It’s simple and looks fantastic on mobile! Perfect for a blogger or a small business. I created a tutorial on how to use it here.

Rowling  – Simple magazine style layout.

Hueman Theme (Free + Upgrade) – Another, cool magazine style layout with a 3 column design.

Kouki Theme  – Minimal, stylish blog with a heavy focus on the content. Featuring a hamburger menu. Cool!

Simple – The Simple theme is a free theme from Themify. It my favorite free theme and I currently use it on one niche websites I have. What I like about this theme is that you get the Themify page builder to customize your aspects of the Simple Theme.

The only issues is that it has a learning curve and because it’s free, it comes with zero support. But if you can take the time to figure out how to use the Simple Theme, you’ll have an excellent free theme for various projects.


So there you have it, a complete list of some of the best WordPress themes you can use for your blog or website. Again, I use and recommend Ultra (coupon code ULTRAPRO).