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The .co domain extension was launched by GoDaddy to be an alternative to .com domain extensions. It’s an excellent alternative to the .com and is primarily used by bloggers and web developers as a direct alternative to a .com. So if you’ve been looking to start a blog, a .co is a good choice.

Of course if the .com version of the domain name you want to register is available then go ahead and register it, but if it’s not this guide will help you decide if a .co is right for you.

Why would someone get over a .com?

The main reason why someone would get a .co over a .com is because the .com is already registered by a professional domainer. A domainer is someone who invests in domain names. That is they buy domains at a low price and hold onto them (sometimes for years) to sell them at a much higher price in the future.

This is the reason why .com’s are quite difficult to register today. Domainers have simply registered various popular domain names with various extensions. Domaining can be quite profitable so there is a financial incentive to register as many two or three word .com domain names.

Here at Website Creative Pro we registered and and two years later were able to sell that specific domain for a few hundred dollars.

Is a CO a good domain extension?

Yes it is. It’s considered a top level domain extension right along with .net and .org. While not as ideal as, you can build a quality website that gets search traffic that is using a .co domain name. As a top level domain name it will be treated the same as a .com by a search engine.

If you have a domain name you really like but have noticed it’s registered already and not in use, consider using a .co.

Why are .co domain names so expensive?

The price point of a .co is high to deter bulk buying. With domain name registrars like Dynadot, buyers can get a discount if they bulk buy domain names. It’s also more expensive to prevent individuals from registering a domain names they have no intention of using but think they can sell for a higher price point.

Again, the main reason why .co exists is to be a new, modern alternative to a .com. In order to achieve that goal it has to have a slightly higher price point so you can actually get the domain name you want.

How to register a .co domain name

You can get any domain name from any domain name registrar of your choice. We have a full guide on the best domain name registrars. Out of the registrars we have tried we have found both Namecheap and Dynadot to have the best prices for .co.

These two registrars offer a low introduction price and a reasonable renewal rate for a .co. You can of course use any registrar you want but please take note on the actual renewal rate after the first year. You’ll find that both Namecheap and Dynadot have the best prices.

Overall though we recommend Namecheap due to their excellent user interface and 24/7 support which Dynadot does not provide.


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What does .co mean?

The .co domain name was originally the country code for Columbia. But has since been turned into a “generic country code top level domain” or GCCTLD for short. That means a .co will now be treated the same as a .net or a .org with regards to SEO.

The way country codes work for SEO is that they help website rank for more local custom searches but fair worse on attracting a global audience. As the .co is no longer associated with Columbia, it now is a great, broad alternative.

Do .co domain name rank well?

Yes a .co is considered the same as a .com, .net or a .org. That means your website can rank and get search traffic. Please note that SEO is complex and there are numerous factors that go into rankings. The extension is one small aspect and no where near as important as it used to be.

If you can build a quality website, where you’re creating content people actually want you’ll do fine using a .co domain name. We do suspect though that a .com with the same content and link profile as a .co will perform a bit better than a .co, we’ve not actually seen any evidence of that.

Most website owners who has a .co and switched to a .com did not noticed a dramatic increase or difference in their search engine performance. Again. it’s more for branding and simply wanting that gold standard of domain extensions that is a .com.

8 Popular .co websites

The .co domain extension is quite popular and their are numerous websites that perform very well. We know that bloggers and content creators worry is getting a .co is not as good as having a .com but here are some popular .co website that demonstrate a .co is a good choice:

From blogs, business and various web services, the .co extension is used in much the same way as a .com.

The popularity of the .co domain extension – conclusion

The .co extension has grown in popularity over the years and is now much more main stream than it was before. As a quality alternative to the .com and with a much higher “cool” factor when compared to a .net or a .org, the .co is an excellent choice for start ups, bloggers and web services.

If you’ve been wondering if you should get a .co, hopefully this guide on the .co domain extension was helpful. We suggest registering your domains with Namecheap. They offer excellent low prices and low renewal rates for all types of domain extensions.


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