Is a .co Domain Extension Any Good?

A .co is a good domain extension and one of the best alternatives to a .com. That’s not to say you should go with a .co over a .com of course. If you can get the .com then get the .com.

But you can be rest assured that a .co is on par with a .com with regards to how it will be treated by search engines (same with .net and .org).

The .co extension was actually launched by GoDaddy as an alternative to a .com and is considered a top level domain extension (unlike other extensions like .tech or .us). Because it’s considered a top level domain extension, it is treated the same as a .com, .net or a .org.

Get the .com if you can get it obviously, but if the domain name you want is taken by a squatter, then getting a .co as an alternative is a fine choice.


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When I got started online the name and extension mattered quite a bit for ranking for specific phrases, it still helps today, but it’s not weighted the same way.

If I wanted build a helpful Amazon website about combat knives for example, I would actually prefer to have a branded domain like instead of a .co like

But if I could not get the .com I really wanted, I would be get the .co, .net or .org version of the domain name I want.

The only thing you need to be careful on is to not use a similar domain to one already used. If exists, it’s copyright infringement for you to use and register

What the person who owns could do is contact your web host and request a DCMA take down of your website so don’t copy.

Why Get a .CO Domain Name?

Now, the question is why would anyone get a .co over a .com? The honest answer is that it’s almost always because the .com version of a domain name was taken.

.co is a GCCTLD

As for SEO a .co is now considered a GCCTLD. What that means that it used to be the country code for the country of Columbia but has not been changed to be a generic top level domain like a .net or a .org.

As such, a .co is treated the same as a .com with regards to search performance. The .com version of any domain is preferred. But having a .co is fine with regards to rankings.

I would only be concerned about the domain extension if I was using a country code specific extension like .ca for Canada, but wanting a global reach or if I was using some random extension like .tech.

Is a .co extension any good – conclusion

The .co used to be the country code for the country of Columbia but has since been transformed into a top level domain extension to give people more flexibility with getting the domain name they actually want.

The .co extension has grown in popularity of the years and is now much more main stream than it was before so it’s really up to you to make this decision.

If you can’t get the .com but are willing to get an alternative like a .net, .org or a .co, don’t think for a second you are in some way limiting the SEO growth potential of your website.


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