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Hostinger is a budget friendly web host that offers an excellent service for the price. While they don’t include specific things other web hosts include like a free professional email account or free SSL installation (you can setup your own SSL through Cloudflare), they beat all other web hosts on price.

Hostinger provides good, reliable shared hosting for websites of all traffic levels, though they do market themselves as a web host for small to medium websites.

If you’ve been looking for a good budget web host then take a look at Hostinger. Their lowest plan starts at just .99 cents a month if you get get a 4 year hosting package and you can get an additional discount if you use coupon code “webpro” at checkout.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

In this web hosting review, we’re going to take a look at a variety of different aspects that appeal to an average user.

While other review tend to focus very heavily on techy related concepts for web hosting, the goal of this Hostinger review content is to help you make a purchase decision by taking a look at the pros and cons of Hostinger.


Hostinger is a quality, affordable web host. Perfect for new blogs and websites. Coupon code WEBPRO for an additional discount.

The Positives of Hostinger

  • Cheap hosting cost
  • Free domain name with your hosting account
  • Fast load time, acceptable uptime
  • Support
  • Back-end custom CPanel
  • 30 day money back gurantee

Cheap Hosting Cost

Hostinger beats all other web hosts on price and performance. You can get years of hosting for less than the cost of a 1 year plan at other web hosts. Hostinger also does not have a low introductory rate that skyrockets like SiteGround.

Hostiner has three shared hosting plans: Single, premium and business. We suggest getting a “premium” hosting account for a few reasons. First you can have multiple websites on your account and second you’re able to get a free domain name for the first year if you get a premium or business account.

We also suggest getting a two year plan as that is typically how long it takes to grow a website to significant traffic levels. After two years, you’ll need to upgrade your hosting if your website grows properly.

Hostinger plans are very cheap. You can get 2 years of hosting for less than 1 year of hosting at other providers:

This is for 2 years of hosting.

But even if you’re not trying to build a high traffic website and you just want a cheap web host, Hostinger is ideal. You can get a single shared hosting account for 4 years for less than $50. That is .74 cents a month if you use coupon code “webpro.”

$35 for a 4 year hosting plan.

It’s amazing the value you can get from Hostinger. The single shared plan is perfect for anyone needing a cheap host for a personal site.

Free domain name with your hosting account

While I am not a big supporter of most “free domain name” offers from web hosts, Hostinger is actually pretty good. Most hosts like Blue Host that offer a free domain name for the first year but then increase the renewal price for that domain to around $20.

You can get a domain name for around $9 a year at a proper domain name registrar like Namecheap (see our Namecheap vs GoDaddy guide for more) so I never understand why anyone would pay $20 a year for something that costs $9 a year somewhere else.

But Hostinger is the real deal. They offer a free domain name with the purchase of a premium or business hosting account and the renewal rate is the same as Namecheap.

The downside?

With Namecheap you get free WHOIS protection. At Hostinger you’ll have to pay for this. Also, I like having my domain names at a domain name registrar. It makes managing them easy. But if you want a free domain name and a good renewal rate, you can get that at Hostinger.

Fast Load times, acceptable up times

Hostinger has very good load times, better than Host Gator and costs a fraction of the price. I know when you’re looking at a cheap web host you’re wondering how good can they really be?

Hostinger has surprised me in this area. On my test site, the load speed was between 90 and 120 milliseconds.

Very fast. This website is on their “premium” plan.

While more expensive and premium hosts like SiteGround perform faster (and they should considering that SiteGround costs $20 a month), for a host that is a marketed as a budget host, they provide very good speeds overall.

97- 139 milliseconds is obviously less than a second. Google as publicly stated that your website should load in under 3 seconds. At 1/10th of a second, Hostinger easily meets this requirement

For the up-time for Hostinger, it’s totally acceptable. Here is a test site showing the up-time for a website hosted on Hostinger. In general some months they are at 100% other months they are at 99.88%.

Up-time means your server and website are up and running so people can visit your website. If your server is down, your website is down. In general, no web host can maintain a 100% up-time ratio so you will want to look for a web host that is around 99.99% up-time per month.

Hostinger could be a bit better in this area, but for the price it’s acceptable.

Great Support

Hostinger uses a live chat and ticket support system. I found their support to be helpful, fast and fun. If you watch the review video you’ll see that Hostinger support quickly answered my question and also email me a follow up asking that if I have any more questions to respond.

During the support ticketing process I also liked that they have knowledge guides to help you solve your issue on your own as well.

Back-end custom CPanel

I love CPanel. It’s easily the most user friendly control panel for beginners and professionals alike. Hostinger has a custom designed CPanel that matches their branding.

I found their custom CPanel extremely easy to use and navigate. It also gave a professional like me the control and access over the different areas I want.

For me, I want to be able to create sub-domains, check databases, create professional emails and install scripts with ease. I liked that Hostinger gives enough control over your account but not too much control as to where it would overwhelm or confuse a new blogger or online content creator.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If the low price and free domain name with your hosting account were not enough Hostinger also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. To cancel your account simply contact support for a refund and they will process your request.

You can buy a hosting plan with confidence and if you’re not happy or you change your mind for whatever reason you can get your money back within the first 30 days.

The Negatives of Hostinger

So is Hostinger the perfect host? No of course not. These are the things to be aware of if you decide to go with Hostinger:

  • You have to pay for a professional email
  • SSL installation and management fee

Professional email is not free

Most hosts allow you to create an email account on your domain name as part of your hosting package. As Hostinger offers cheap hosting, they have decided to make this a paid feature for their hosting plans.

A professional email is something like Professional emails are useful for branding purposes as well as organizations with multiple team members.

Do you need a professional email? Again, it simply depends. On my niche websites I simply use a related Gmail account as you’re going to be using Google’s various services anyways.

So for me personally this is not a big draw back as most never bother creating professional emails anyways. But again, it’s something to be aware of with Hostinger.

SSL installation and management fee

An SSL certificate is a non-negotiable when creating a website. It’s a ranking factor and you need to have an SSL for your WordPress blog or website.

SSL certificates are now free through a service called Let’s Encrypt. Most web hosts will install and manage your SSL for you on your behalf for your website.

An SSL certificate needs to be validated every 3 months so it is something you will want your web host to do instead of doing it yourself.

For Hostinger, they charge a small one time fee to install and manage your SSL certificate.

Hostinger Review Conclusion

So that is our Hostinger review. They are a surprisingly good web host and are some serious competition to bigger names like Blue Host and Host Gator.

If you’re curious about our top recommendations for hosting, see our best web hosts for WordPress guide.


Hostinger is a quality, affordable web host. Perfect for new blogs and websites. Coupon code WEBPRO for an additional discount.