Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

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ICANN is the abbreviation for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

ICANN is the non profit private organization responsible for managing top level domains and unique identifiers for each site. This coordination and management of ISP’s and domain names allow a uniqueness to exist so computers can know where to find what. Without this coordination we would not have a global Internet.

Next, ICANN is responsible for managing top level domains, but they don’t allow registration of domains through them directly– you need to either go through an “ICANN Certified” domain name registrar like Godaddy or NameCheap. You can also go through an affiliate partner site of an ICANN Certified domain name registrar. This is what happens when you register a domain name at a web host. Most web hosts are are affiliate of like Blue Host and SiteGround.

So if you were ever wondering WHY you only register domain names at domain name registrar instead of directly from ICANN, it’s simply because ICANN is the management organization behind the DNS system and not in the business of managing domains. Instead, they contract that service out to domain name registrars.

It’s best to simply make your purchase through the certified domain name registrar as any affiliate partner site MUST increase their prices over the registrar to make a profit.

If you purchase your domain name through your web host, they will increase the price on your domain name. So while a lot of hosts offer a “free” domain, it’s only free for the first year typically, then you’ll be paying an inflated price. This is why in all WebsiteCreativePro Tutorials we instruct you to purchase your domain name at as they offer the best prices.

How do you become ICANN accredited?

It’s a lengthy process to become ICANN accredited. Typically new registrars start off as affiliates for established registrars as part of the process for becoming accredited is to demonstrate experience and expertise in first managing domains. Then it’s simply a process of applying, submitting forms, paying fees and having your business reviewed. If approved, you’re granted accreditation for a 5 year term.

ICANN Mission Statement – One World, One Internet

ICANN is a US based non-profit with the stated goal of “helping preserve the operational stability of the Internet; to promote competition; to achieve broad representation of the global Internet community; and to develop policies appropriate to its mission through bottom-up, consensus-based processes.”