How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners

Hey what’s up?

I’m David welcome to the site. If you’re new here and want to know how to make money with a blog for a beginner you really need to first learn how to:

Create a website – This tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up your website for cheap.

Start a blog – Got a website setup? Cool, now you can start blogging. This guide will tell you how to blog so you actually get traffic.

Make money blogging – Your website is up, you have a blog and are publishing blog content now how the heck do you make money? You can learn here.

Blogs can really make money?

I know I was a bit surprised too years ago when my personal blog called “edge of david” started generating hundreds of dollars in affiliate commissions and hundreds of dollars in ad revenue. Not enough to live of off obviously, but an extra $800 a month was sure pretty nice.

How? Well here’s the thing, you have to have a theme with your website so Google knows how to box you. Are you a travel website? Personal development site? Website about makeup and accessories?

Once you have a niche you simply need to start building authority on that particular topic. You do this first and foremost by creating the best content you can. Over time your website becomes trusted by Google for a specific niche and your content can rank more easily.

This is how grew to make 3k-7k a month from Amazon Associates.

They have excellent content that search engines love, when people type into Google “best French press” and they find Roasty Coffee they are happy. Roasty provides a great experience for visitors and helps them to solve their problems, Google is happy because they can provide relevant search results and Roasty Coffee makes money from commissions from driving qualified traffic to Amazon.

A win-win.

That in a nut shell is how you make money blogging for beginners. Now, the process I just outlined is what is known as building a “niche website” but blogging is blogging.

I blog still over at, I write about what I want but I still pay attention to this model I just told you. When I sit down to write something, I think “WHAT are people searching for” and how does this post relate to them.

I still do write long form content on whatever I want, but to simply blog about your thoughts and feelings will result in you creating A LOT of content that will take years and years to get any real search traffic simply because you’re not creating content people want.

My most popular blog post on my personal website is currently called “how to get over a lack of interest” which is a keyword searched for thousands of time a month. That post I wrote ranks very well because it’s going after a specific phrase people are searching for.

Unlike another blog post I wrote which is called “19 things no one tells 19 year olds” – this post gets a lot of random search traffic from people typing in “19 year olds” or “things 19 year olds do” and what not. While it gets a lot of traffic, if does not get targeted traffic because it’s not going after any specific phrase anyone is searching for.

Don’t do this if you want to make money with a blog.

Blogs take a lot of work and at least 1 year before you see any money

In my recent two case studies both websites existed for over a year before they saw any real profits. It simply takes time for a website to be trusted and time for it to attract enough links to start ranking for keywords and phrases.

You’ll start of ranking for low competition keywords and over time your site can start to rank for more competitive phrases. But they still take a solid year or more until you see some real growth and income.

Why? Because it takes a year for the flywheel effect to take hold. That is, you start ranking for stuff, people find your content and then link to you. Which then makes your website more authoratative and easier to rank for more competitive stuff. You then start to see some real growth with enough time.

How to make money with a blog for beginners

This guide is for those who want to learn how to make money with a blog as a beginner. I’ll keep the process super simple without any more advanced marketing tips like email marketing, running ads or product creation.

Step 1: Create a website.

I make it easy for you. My team will set up your website (see homepage) or you can just follow along with one of the tutorial videos or our create a website guide!

Step 2: Start Creating Content People Want

I’m assuming you know what you want to create a website on, if not check out the planning guide. The next step after you create your website to start a blog. A blog is the section of your website where all the content will be published.

It’s organized by categories and tags. The best URL structure for your blog is

My blog on is found at It’s where all the content is published.

Once you have that setup, start publishing content people want. To do this you need to start learning how to do keyword research.

My favorite tools for this are:

  • Keywords everywhere
  • Ubersuggest
  • KWFinder
  • SEM Rush
  • Pintrest

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension that gives you keyword search data when you use Google to search for stuff. It’s helpful because it will tell you what keyword and phrases people actually use as well as the search volume. So while maybe you think “best headphones for introverts” is a great keyword, keywords everywhere could show you that perhaps that phrase is only searched for 50 times a month and maybe 300 people are searching for “best headsets for introverts” as an alternative.


Ubersuggest is a tool bought by Neil Patel, a serial entrepreneur. What ubersuggest does really well is that it tells you keywords related to whatever keyword you input. So maybe you input “best headphones for teenagers” and then Ubersuggest will tell you 10+ related searches to that.

What you do with this information is pick to phrase that has the most search volume and then incorporate related terms as much as it makes sense.


KWFinder is a straightforward keyword tool. It gives you an estimate of the search volume for different keywords as well as the difficulty.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is one of my favorite tools, the free version will give you some insight into what other websites are ranking for. What you do with this information is input competitors websites and see what keywords are driving their traffic. Then you simply steal their keywords!


Pintrest is great for driving your traffic to your website. But it’s also great for seeing what people like and share. If you find pins that have been shared tens of thousands of times in your niche, odds are that may be a piece of content you want to consider creating.

Now get to work creating content people want. Look at what is ranking for keywords you find that find have search volume and try to make content that is better.

You want get to work and create 30-40 articles of content that are 1,500 words or more in length with images, links, videos etc.


Step 3: Wait for Google to index and rank your content

If you did a great job at creating content that people want, you’re going to start getting search traffic. It normally takes 8 months all in all for Google to fully index your content. You can always build links and promote your website to help speed up the process, but again this is a beginners guide.

Focus all your effort on your on-page SEO and create content.

Step 4: Make Money

Run Advertising

The last step is to make money with your blog and it’s content. To do this is simple. Once you have 20,000-30,000 page views a month you can sign up for professional ad networks like Ad Thrive.

Ad Thrive is not the only platform out there, but it’s one of the best. They take over the advertising of your website. It’s all done passively.

While you can sign up for Google AdSense yourself, networks like Ad Thrive get a better rate and you’ll make more money. Also, until you’re actually getting 20,000 page views a day, you’re not going to make any money anyways with Google AdSense.

You should be able to get these sort of page views if you’ve published enough content and your content is targeting phrases people actually search for.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you sign up and promote other people products and services as an affiliate. There are a million different affiliate programs out there. The ones you should focus on are the ones that make sense for your websites topic.

So if you have a website about teaching abroad, focus on affiliate programs for TEFL certificates and courses about travel and teaching.

If your website is about travel, signup with and Airbnb for example. Both those websites offer affiliate programs.

Look at other websites in your industry and pay attention to what products and services they promote then follow suite.

Also make sure the products and services you promote make sense for your specific piece of content that is ranking. So if you have a blog about “how to brew tea” and have a post that is ranking well in Google for “how to brew green tea” make sure to only incorporate products and services that meet the search intent for the page.

Lastly, sign up for Amazon Associates. It’s the most popular and flexible affiliate program in the world and can be used on pretty much every type of website. While it’s way more effective on product oriented websites, it can still be leveraged in any niche. Maybe you have a travel blog, go ahead and write a “travel essentials” post and use Amazon affiliate links.


You need a website to get started. Then, you need to add a blog to said website and create content people are searching for. Given enough time, you’ll create a website that can get thousands of visitors a day and make money passively from advertising and affiliate marketing.

There are more advanced things you can do to make money with a website such as creating your own products and courses as well as managing an email list. But for a beginner, this simple guide should be enough to get you to $500 a month on autopilot with a blog.

Good luck!