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Making a sales page for your digital products is essential if you want to drive sales. While there are a lot of platforms that allow you to create a sales page with ease like Teachable, what exact elements go into a good sales page?

In this “how to make a sales page” tutorial we will cover all the essential steps you need to know about when selling online:

  1. Sales Page Tools
  2. Make a sales video
  3. Call to action
  4. Describe the problem as your audience does
  5. Answer objections
  6. Show results
  7. What will they learn?

Please be aware that you learn by doing. If you take nothing else away from this tutorial just remember to take a look at your competitors sales pages and emulate. Look at their copy. What points did they make that were strong and compelling? What is missing in your opinion and what could be improved? You have to really understand what your audience wants and needs.

No one wakes up wanting to buy a course or an ebook. People want the end result that the course or ebook etc can potentially provide.

Sales Page Tools

There are quite a few sales page tools on the market that you can use. Please note that most of these tools are for creating the actual sales page. As for where the product is hosted and how payment is accepted, you’ll need solutions for these elements as well.

OptimizePress – The WordPress sales page builder

This is an excellent tool if you’re looking to create a traditional, “internet marketing” style sales page with big text, yellow highlighter and video. OptimizePress makes creating sales pages for products and services an easy process with various build in templates you can quickly use to create any sort of sales page you like with a few clicks of a button.

With your membership to OptimizePress you also get a membership to – A page builder that focuses on email capture.

If you’ve been wondering how the above was created, it’s simply a WordPress website that is using an Optimize Press as the template. You of course have to write the copy and create the video. But Optimize Press takes care of the heavy lifting in terms of compelling design.

Again for accepting payment and delivering the product you’ll need to host your product somewhere. Typical spots for ebooks would be something like

WordPress Page builders

You can also make sales pages with any drag and drop page builder. You can use DIVI, Themify Ultra, or the Astra theme with Elementor. The only weak point is that themes themes don’t have any “sales page” template you can use so you have to create everything from scratch:

Create with the DIVI theme

But the great thing is that with these themes you can create a whole marketing experience. For example, Melyssa Griffin was able to create the above pages with the DIVI theme. She is using a custom learning management plugin (LMS) in order to lock the content as well.

For most, this is a bit techy and difficult to setup without a proper team to help you. If you’re an individual creator and want the easiest way to create sales pages for your digital products we suggest Teachable.

Teachable – The Best Option

Teachable is an excellent all in one solution for creating sales pages, hosting your products and accepting payment. The sales page editor looks good and has an easy to use drag and drop editor.

Best of all, Teachable just works. Upload your digital products, create a sales page and put buy buttons on your sales page with ease.

Website Creative Pro uses the Teachable platform to host all our courses. They make the entire sales process easy by allowing you to create effective sales pages.


The best all in one solution for creating and selling digital products like courses and ebooks.

Click Funnels – The Teachable Alternative

Click Funnels is a suite of tools designed to create all sorts of landing pages and sales pages with ease. Click Funnels is expensive, but they have high converting sales page, email marketing integration and course management all built in.

Click Funnels is designed to make selling digital products and online course more effective through the use of proven, high converting templates that you can customize with their drag and drop editor.

They also have various sales funnels (hence the name Click Funnels) that make it easy to sell MORE of your courses. Want to create a time released video series or one of those “webinar” style sales page, with Click Funnels you can do so easily.

Video Breakthrough is powered by Click Funnels. This is a $3000 custom design however.

The above is a course that is run by Clark Kegley. He started off using Optimize Press to design the sales page and using Click Bank to act as the payment gateway. His course started making him 8k a month and he moved everything over to Click Funnels.

This sort of sales page is a professionally designed sales page that cost him 3 thousand dollars. But you could do something similar for your first course. Click Funnels is great because it comes with email integration (exit pop ups and so forth) that are all designed to a high standard and it also has a built in affiliate program for your course to help make more money.

Kajabi – The YouTuber solution

Kajabi is an all in one content marketing solution that allows you to have one website with a blog, multiple products and email marketing. They are ideal for professional YouTubers who will actually take advantage of everything Kajabi offers.

For WordPress users, it makes more sense to use Teachable and your own website.

Create a Sales Video

Sales videos are proven to increase sales and conversions and if you’re going to be selling anything online, it’s worth taking the time to create a short and to the point sales video. With your video you have a few different options.

Talking head – The easiest option

Talking head videos are the easiest option because they don’t require a lot of editing. You simply need to practice being on camera as well as having quality gear required to make videos. You could get a professional camera with a microphone or you could even just use your phone.

The reason why recording with your phone is a good idea is because it gives more a natural feel that people watching can relate to.

White Board Explainer Video

If you don’t want to be on camera you can download stock video clips and put them together into a short video with a voice over. You could also signup to service like Pow Toon that allows you to create short, animated videos quickly and easily.

What do you say in your sales video?

As with any video you simply need to follow some best practices. Firs you’ll need a hook. The hook is at the beginning of the video and gets people interested in the video to learn more. An ideal hook should have specific proof you can deliver results as well as why you’re qualified to sell this product in the first place.

Next is the body of the video. A strong body incorporates story telling. Tell why the product exists, who it benefits as well as your own story as it relates to the product to make it more relatable. Also use any specific words or phrases your target audience uses to describe their problem. Doing this helps demonstrate that you know, understand and can solve their problem.

Last is the conclusion. Simply tell your viewers how to take action and what to do next.

Sales Page Call to Action

Branding and your call to action is very important. One of my favorite brands is called the “java jacket.” It’s that little paper thing that goes over a paper cup that is filled with coffee. It’s an excellent name because it has alliteration and describes the product perfectly.

You need to take the time to come up with good brand that has a great call to action. Your CTA should be a short description of what your product is about. Short as in 1 clear sentence. No cute and clever, eloquent nonsense. Clear and specific.

I love the copy on this sales page. Step by step, exact methods, cutting edge techniques that stand the test of time. This short paragraph does so much to establish that this course is relevant and will always remain relevant and that if you do the work, you can have success too. No guess work required

For more on naming, checkout website name ideas.

Describe the problem the way your audience does

One of the simplest things to incorporate into your sales page is to use the language your audience uses when describing their problem. If you’re able to do this, it’s easier to make sales of your product because you’re demonstrating that you know and understand the issues your target audience is facing, and how to overcome them.

Describe problems in clear specific ways, go after it from an emotional perspective. Why are people interested in learning what your selling? What is the deeper desire than the surface level stuff.

People want to create profitable websites and YouTube channels because they want more freedom and flexibility in their lives. Maybe they are unhappy with their work or are perhaps stuck in dead end positions. It’s these deeper desires you want to hit on.

Not simply, “learn how to make a website” or “learn how to make money from YouTube.”

Answer Objections

Objects are reasons why someone would NOT purchase your product. It’s that simple. Strive to think about all the objects someone would have to what your selling. Cross examine yourself and have a clear answer to any objection you come up with.

It’s too expensive, too hard, I can learn this stuff for free, it won’t work for me, I’m not lucky enough, I’m too busy. All of these are very common objections. Depending on the nature of your product, work to answer any and all objections.

You do this by paying close attention to your audience. What comments are they leaving on your YouTube videos? When you get comments and emails asking for help, are their any recurring themes? What objections are your competitors answering?

Show results

This is sort of obvious, but you will need to show specific results you got and how you can give those results to your potential customer. The best proof are screenshots and quick video captures demonstrating that you are the real deal. Show, don’t tell how your product will specifically benefit potential buyers.

Next, to compliment results you’ll also have to show testimonials. Now, if you don’t have testimonials because this is your first product then show results or testimonials form somewhere else. For example, I’m a top rated seller on Fiverr. When I create products in the website creation space, I can leverage the HUNDREDS of 5 star reviews I have.

It’s not directly related, but it demonstrates I’m highly competent.

What will they learn?

Last is to include various things someone who buys your product will learn. In other words, what is included in the price of admission? Let people know of any bonuses included and give people the various module titles (as well as the potential value of the module).

People are way more apt to buy if you tell them exactly what is in the product as it helps them make the decision to buy. Maybe someone someone what interested in your product, but they see a few sections that do interest them and it’s these sections that compel them to buy.

With selling online, clear and specific always wins.

Conclusion – How To Make a Sales Page

So that is is for Website Creative PRO’s guide to creating sales pages for digital products. You have a few essential aspects of any good sales page. The first being the call to action, the next being the sales video and the last part is the on page copy that converts.

If you are looking to sell digital products online we strongly suggest the Teachable platform. They take care of all the aspects of selling online. From hosting your product, providing payment gateways as well as giving you sales page creation tools. Teachable is an excellent all in one solution.


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