How To Make a Sales Page in 7 Simple Steps

Making a sales page is one of the most difficult things you’ll do as a blogger and internet marketer. It’s sort of like how you started a blog for the first time and now have to create an about page and contact page.

It seems simple, yet what exactly makes for a good about page and contact page. The truth is that it’s harder than it looks and making a sales page is no different. With sales pages it comes down to part tools part marketing. In this guide we’re going to cover what tools are used to create sales pages, where to host your products and marketing advice to you can write compelling copy.

In this “how to make a sales page” tutorial here are the 7 steps we will cover:

  1. Sales Page Tools
  2. Make a sales video
  3. Product branding and sub heading
  4. Use language your audience uses
  5. Answer objections
  6. Show results
  7. What will they learn?

I’m also assuming you already have an idea of what product you want to create and have done the work to figure out what your audience needs and so forth.

Let’s get started with this high level guide. Again, you learn mostly by doing. If nothing else, take a look at your competitors sales pages and emulate. Look at their copy, what points did they make that were strong and compelling? Include those points. What was missing in your opinion and what could be improved? Again, take that and implement it into your own sales page.


It’s strange how all the tutorials for “how to make a sales page” that rank on the first page of Google totally skip out on specific tools you need to create a sales page. In this section, I’ll introduce to you some helpful tools marketers are using to create sales pages.

To sell things online you’ll need a place to host your content, a way to accept payments and a way to deliver your content. If you’re looking to create an ebook you can host that ebook on your own website and use something like Easy Digital Downloads (a WordPress plugin) to sell it. The use the following tools to sell it. You could also host it on or and create a sales page.

For video courses it’s the same setup. You can host a video course on your own website using a LMS plugin like Learn Dash or Optimize Press to manage access to your course. Then create a sales page for the course.

OptimizePress – The WordPress sales page builder

This is an excellent tool if you’re looking to create a traditional, “internet marketing” style sales page with big text, yellow highlighter and video. OptimizePress makes creating sales pages for products and services an easy process with various build in templates you can quickly use to create any sort of sales page you like with a few clicks of a button.

With your membership to OptimizePress you also get a membership to – A page builder that focuses on email capture.

If you’ve been wondering how the above was created, it’s simply a WordPress website that is using an Optimize Press template. You of course have to write the copy and create the video. But Optimize Press takes care of the heavy lifting.

Use a Page Building Theme

There are quite a few high quality WordPress themes that allow you to quickly and easily build a sales page from scratch. These themes were created with the intention to create full on websites and blogs, but are still excellent choices for sales pages. The only weak point is that themes themes don’t have any “sales page” template you can use. So you have to create everything from scratch.

Create with the DIVI theme

The best themes for this that come to mind are the DIVI theme and the Ultra theme from Themify.

DIVI Theme – This is a full front end, drag and drop editor that allows you to design a website. If you want to create a sales page, you can do so with easy using DIVI. You’ll have more control over your sales page than you would Optimize Press, but you’ll also have to design all the elements from scratch.

Ultra Theme – The Ultra theme is my favorite theme and I use it for a variety of different projects, including sales pages. Like the DIVI theme, you have total control over your design.

Theme Forest – You can also checkout Theme Forest for “one page” themes as well as various popular themes. Look for a theme that has a nice sales page template.

Teachable Sales Page comes withe a built in sales page creation tool. If you’re creating online courses, Teachable not only hosts your course, but they also give you the tools to create a sales page for your course.

Teachable sales pages are good but not great. The all have the same sort of “look” about them and from a design perspective are pretty average. But they do get the job done, particularly if your audience likes you.

One great thing about Teachable is that they do allow you the flexibility to have your own sales page and to simply use to power the back end of your website.

The verdict? People are making THOUSANDS of dollars from their Teachable courses with these sorts of simple sales pages. If you’re 100% you want to go the online course route, go with Teachable. Then, if you have a profitable course consider making a dedicated sales page by hiring a professional designer.

Click Funnels Sales Pages

Click Funnels is a suite of tools designed to create all sorts of landing pages and sales pages with ease. Click Funnels is expensive if you have no cash flow, but if you have even 1 course that is making money it may be a good idea to look into using Click Funnels to host all your digital products.

Click Funnels is designed to make selling digital products and online course more effective through the use of proven, high converting templates that you can customize with their drag and drop editor.

They also have various sales funnels (hence the name Click Funnels) that make it easy to sell MORE of your courses. Want to create a time released video series or one of those “webinar” style sales page, with Click Funnels you can do so easily.

Video Breakthrough is powered by Click Funnels

The above is a course that is run by Clark Kegley. He started off using Optimize Press (to design the sales page) and using Click Bank (to act as the payment gateway). His course started making him 8k a month and he moved everything over to Click Funnels.

This sort of sales page is a professionally designed sales page that cost him 3 thousand dollars. But you could do something similar for your first course.

Click Funnels is great because it comes with email integration (exit pop ups and so forth) that are all designed to a high standard and italso has a built in affiliate program for your course to

Click Funnels is simply a single tool that can be used to power your entire information business to a professional standard. If you’ve been looking for ONE tool that has it all, check out Click Funnels.

What would I do?

Video Courses

If I was creating an online course I would use It’s the simplest option. They host your course and give you a sales page that you can design. If you’re just getting started and have a simple setup (email list, blog, YouTube channel) then get Teachable.

Click Funnels I would get if I was looking to leverage all the various features of Click Funnels, specifically if I was looking to create sales funnels for a bunch of different products. Like a webinar funnel and a time released video funnel then without a doubt I would go with Click Funnels.

The self hosted way would be to use something like and your WordPress website.


For ebooks I would host them on either or Then I would create a sales page for the ebook.

The self hosted way would be to use Easy Digital Downloads or WOO Commerce and your WordPress website.


Video simply works at converting traffic into sales. You need to get comfortable making videos. You have a few different options.

Talking head

Talking head sales videos are ones where you record yourself. Simple enough. You’re going to want a decent camera and a microphone. If you have something like the G7X which is a point and shoot, you will need to synce the audio with a microphone as the on board audio is not acceptable

In practice you should get get a camera that can switch out lenses and then buy an external microphone so you can get a good mix of decent video and quality audio.

Checkout the best cameras for YouTube post for a deeper dive on this topic.

Animation – Make a White Board Explainer Video

I personally use for all my animated introductions. If you’re not comfortable getting in front of the camera then a decent work around is to get animation software so you can create whiteboard videos.

For these sorts of videos you need a microphone. I suggest the Zoom H2N.

What to say in your sales video?

You can create a short and pithy 3 minute video or you could simply write out your sales page and then introduce each section in your video. For a beginner, I would suggest the latter.

Right from the start, lead off with a hook to grab attention and then just talk about everything you mentioned in your sales page. People are on the sales page because they want to know more about the product, how it will help them and what happens when they make the positive decision to purchase.

Use language your audience uses and demonstrate you understand their problem and how you have the perfect solution.


Branding is very important. One of my favorite brands is called the “java jacket.” It’s that little paper thing that goes over a paper cup that is filled with coffee. It’s an excellent name because it has alliteration and describes the product perfectly.

You need to take the time to come up with a good brand name and sub heading for your product. Your sub heading should be a short description of what your product is about. Short as in 1 clear sentence. No wo-wo hippie language. No, “learn to live your heart centered life” stuff. Clear and specific.

I love the copy on this sales page. Step by step, exact methods, cutting edge techniques that stand the test of time. This short paragraph does so much to establish that this course is relevant and will always remain relevant and that if you do the work, you can have success too. No guess work required

For more on naming, checkout website name ideas.


One of the simplest things to incorporate into your sales page is to use the language your audience uses when describing their problem. If you’re able to do this, it’s easier to make sales of your product because you’re demonstrating that you know and understand the issues your target audience is facing, and how to overcome them.

Describe problems in clear specific ways, go after it from an emotional perspective. Why are people interested in learning what your selling? What is the deeper desire than the surface level stuff.

People want to create profitable websites and YouTube channels because they want more freedom and flexibility in their lives. Maybe they are unhappy with their work or are perhaps stuck in dead end positions. It’s these deeper desires you want to hit on.

Not simply, “learn how to make a website” or “learn how to make money from YouTube.”


Objects are reasons why someone would NOT purchase your product. It’s that simple. Strive to think about all the objects someone would have to what your selling. Cross examine yourself and have a clear answer to any objection you come up with.

It’s too expensive, too hard, I can learn this stuff for free, it won’t work for me, I’m not lucky enough, I’m too busy. All of these are very common objections. Depending on the nature of your product, work to answer any and all objections.

You do this by paying close attention to your audience. What comments are they leaving on your YouTube videos? When you get comments and emails asking for help, are their any recurring themes? What objections are your competitors answering?


This is sort of obvious, but you will need to show specific results you got and how you can give those results to your potential customer. The best proof are screenshots and quick video captures demonstrating that you are the real deal. Show, don’t tell how your product will specifically benefit potential buyers.

Next, to compliment results you’ll also have to show testimonials. Now, if you don’t have testimonials because this is your first product then show results or testimonials form somewhere else. For example, I’m a top rated seller on Fiverr. When I create products in the website creation space, I can leverage the HUNDREDS of 5 star reviews I have.

It’s not directly related, but it demonstrates I’m highly competent.


Last is to include various things someone who buys your product will learn. In other words, what is included in the price of admission? Let people know of any bonuses included and give people the various module titles (as well as the potential value of the module).

People are way more apt to buy if you tell them exactly what is in the product as it helps them make the decision to buy. Maybe someone is not interested in your course, but they see a few sections that do interest them and it’s these sections that compel them to buy.

With selling online, clear and specific always wins.

Conclusion – How To Make a Sales Page

So there you have it, a solid high level over view on how to make a sales page for a digital product. The best way to learn is to start creating sales pages, emulate others, follow best practices and test.