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Namecheap vs Dynadot, the battle between two very under rated domain name registrars. Actually, Namecheap used to be quite under rated but they have grown in popularity over the years through simply providing a good service for managing domains as well as great prices for registering domains.

If however you want the short answer for registering domains, you should choose Dynadot if you’re looking for the lowest priced registrar and all you’re looking to do is register a domain name.


The lowest prices on domain name registration.

While Namecheap has some of the lowest prices around, particularly when compared to other domain registrars, the only registrar with lower prices we’ve seen has been Dynadot.

Now, price is not the only thing people look for in a domain registrar. Email, support, after market features, ease of use, website builders and so forth are all things you should consider when looking to manage your domain name registrars.

Dynadot vs Namcheap Comparison

In this comparison we’re going to look at various aspects of both Dynadot and Namecheap. I have domain names with both and am a user of both. Specifically, we will take a look at:

  • Price
  • Website Builder
  • Email
  • Aftermarket for buying and selling domains
  • Support

Price – Which registrar has the better price?

Dynadot has the better price for both registration and renewal when compared to Namecheap. As most people who are looking to get a domain are interested in top level domain names like the .com, .net, and .org extension, it makes the most sense to look at the price for these extensions.

Namecheap Prices













Source: Namecheap Domains

Dynadot Prices













Source: Dynadot Domains

As you can see, Dynadot has some of the most competitive prices around.

The value you get with Dynadot make them the domainers registrar of choice as those of use who bulk buy domains and have a portfolio of hundreds of TDL domains, a small price difference adds up into hundreds of dollars of savings.

Just look at registering a .net extension. Dynadot is less than half the price than Namecheap. If you’re a domainer, Dynadot with their bulk pricing and low renewal rates is designed for you.

Website Builder – Simple business or portfolio website

Website builders are now all pretty good as they have all become drag and drop in nature with modern design elements. Where they all fall short however when compared to WordPress is the control you get over the on page SEO of your website.

Website builders are simply horrible at SEO. You can make a great looking website that poorly optimized for search.

Regardless, if you’re looking to use website builder, both Dynadot and Namecheap are a tie in this regard as their builders are similar in nature.

They provide various templates you can install and edit that fit different types of websites from small business to cafes to personal websites.

Namecheap Website Builder

Namecheap provides a “free” website builder with one of their very low priced shared hosting account.

However, since it’s a shared hosting account you may as well install and use WordPress as you can design a more effective and beautiful website as opposed to website builder.

With WordPress you have more control over the on-page SEO and you can design a more unique looking website by using various WordPress themes of your choosing (see our best WordPress themes guide).

Also, if you’re set on using a website builder, Google Sites is a free alternative. All you need to do is get your domain name and you can use Google Sites for free (see our Google Sites tutorial).

Dynadot Website Builder

Dynadot also has a website bulider offering like Namecheap. You can get a free one page website with your purchase of a domain name.

This is perfect if you’re a domainer looking to set up a “this domain is for sale” page.

Otherwise, the website builder has the same issues as the one with Namecheap. The lower tier plans are quite limited on the number of pages your website can have and you have to have Dynadot ads.

Compared to Google Sites which is free and you can have as many pages as you like, it simply makes no sense to use Dynadot.

Lastly, the plan where you have unlimited pages is the price of a share hosting account so again, you may as well use WordPress because if you’re building out a business website

Overall, Dynadot is the winner because you can a one page website. But you could also do the same with Google Sites.

Private Email Hosting

Email hosting is designed for larger organizations that need a professional email solution to help manage communications between employees and team groups.

Important aspects to look at for a private email server are security, integration with email clients, price and storage.

If you’re a solo blogger looking to get a custom email, your web hosting provider will allow you to create a custom email for your domain name.

Now which is better, Namecheap or Dynadot for email hosting?

Namecheap vs Dynadot Email Hosting

Namecheap offers various price points and plans for email hosting. Each plans price point varies depending on how much storage you need for actual email, how much storage you need for any attachments as well how many unique inboxes you need.

As for Dynadot, they offer one price point and provide unlimited mailboxes. However their storage is much small at around 30 MB compared to 2 GB you get with Namecheap. You will have to pay more to upgrade your storage at Dynadot.

So the main difference between the two is that with Namecheap you pay more for more mailboxes and with Dynadot you pay more for increased storage.

Overall, I would go with Namecheap as they are designed for organizations that would actually need a dedicated email hosting solution.

Aftermarket for buying an selling domain

Both Dynadot and Namecheap offer aftermarket features to help you buy and sell domain names. Dynadot’s aftermarket features are more robust and designed for the professional domainer in mind.

The main difference is that with Dynadot you can use auctions for buy and sell domain names, setup back orders and find recently expire domains.

With Namecheap you can basically view the marketplace, sort by price and industry. I’ve sold domains through Namecheap and it’s a simple process. You simply list your domain and if it sells you get paid.

Dynadot works the same way too, it’s just more feature rich. Again though, this is only important if you buy and sell domain names.


Last is support. Both Namecheap and Dynadot provide quick and responsive support via email, chat or telephone.

The support they both provide is similar and up to industry standards. Have a question about a DNS setting? Both Namecheap and Dynadot provide chat support.

Namecheap is a bit better in that their support is 24/7. With Dynadot their chat feature is occasionally “busy” which means you will need to send in an email and wait a few hours for a response.

Overall, Namecheap is the better registrar is support if you’re the type who needs quick support for domain related questions.

Conclusion – Namecheap vs Dynadot

To conclude, Namecheap is the better registrar if you’re looking for support and intend to use your domain name for building web properties.

With a large collection of “how-to” tutorials and quick support, Namecheap is the headache free registrar.

If you’re a domainer and looking to buy and sell domains or you’re someone who only cares about price then Dynadot is for you.