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The .gay extension became available to the public in September of 2020. As a new, generic top level domain extension there is a lot of opportunity to get some great domain names with a .gay extension.

This domain extension has already gone through it’s various approval phrases. Starting with its sunrise phrase to it’s early access phase for trademarked brands to now being publicly available right now. If you want to register a .gay domain extension we suggest Namecheap as they have the lowest prices for .gay domain names.

To get started simply visit Namecheap and type in the domain name you want to register with a .gay extension. Click search and Namecheap will inform you if it is available or not. If it’s not available, you’ll have to come up with something else.

Visit Namecheap

Get a .gay domain name

Like all new domain extensions, it’s unclear how the .gay will evolve and be used in the domain and website industry (who would have thought .io would be the go to for tech startups). But regardless, you want to get in on new domain names with new extensions early.

Please note there are a few thing to be aware of with the .gay extension:

  • The price of .gay domain name
  • Support for the LGBTQ community
  • Content restrictions

The price of a .gay domain name

The price point for a .gay domain name is high compared to other extensions. This is in part because this extension is new and in demand as well as to price out professional domainers from bulk buying domain names and holding onto them for years.

There is nothing wrong with domaining, but it does cause issues when creators can’t get the domain name they want. This is why the .co extension was created, to combat the saturation of .com registration. With regard to prices we’ve noticed domain name registrars pricing any .gay domain between $30 to $50 USD.

Namcheap .gay price

Namecheap by far has the lowest price on .gay domain names. Right now you can register a .gay extension for around $30. GoDaddy by comparison is charging $50. With Namecheap you also get free WHOIS protection so your personal contact information remains private (GoDaddy charges extra for this).


Low prices, great support for domain names. Get your .gay today!

Support for the LGBTQ community

With any purchase of a .gay domain name 20% will be donated by the .gay registry to support LGBTQ communities and non profits like GLAAD. In addition, Namecheap has committed to donating an additional 3% on top of this 20% with a commitment up to a minimum of $10,000.

This makes purchasing a domain name through Namecheap a win win. You get the best price on .gay domains while also supporting non profit organizations. If you have an audience geared toward this community now is the time to get a .gay domain name before they become saturated like .com, .net, .org and .co.

Content restrictions

The .gay domain extension does have some content restrictions to protect the integrity of these domain names outlined in the .gay rights protection policy. In general, the .gay extension can not be used for anti-LGBTQ purposes. Attempting to use this extension in a malicious way may result in your domain be suspended by your domain name registrar.

Register a .gay domain name conclusion

The .gay domain name is an excellent opportunity for any online content creator with the right audience to get online with a unique, compelling domain name. If you’ve been looking have proverbial, virtual pride flag now is a great time to get a .gay extension at Namecheap. The lowest price compared to other registrars and an additional 3% donation commitment.


Low prices, great support for domain names. Get your .gay today!

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