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The Twenty Seventeen Theme is Great!

I’m really impressed by how functional and simple the 2017 theme from WordPress is. In case you don’t know, WordPress releases a yearly theme every January. Except 2018 as they were working on the new Gutenberg editor.

My very first tutorial video was on using the excellent free WordPress theme:

Tools used in this tutorial video:

The default WordPress theme is often too generic:

twenty sixteen

The 2016 theme was a good example of this sort of “boring” theme design. It’s not the worst out there, but it’s not going to win any design awards.

For the time it was fine but in today’s world this theme lacks the ability to customize it in all the ways you would want to customize it.

Twenty Seventeen Theme  Selling Points

Ah, much better.

The default theme for 2017 is worth checking out. Here are my reasons why you should consider the new theme for WordPress for your next website:

  • Design
  • Readability
  • Mobile Ready

Design features and more personality

This theme comes with a dedicated homepage finally. Showcasing a large hero image or a video (depending on your selection). Once a user scrolls down you can simply select different pages to act as sections.

If you select a “feature image” for any of these pages, the feature image becomes a lovely parallax image helping to separate the different page sections.

Designing with this theme is easy

You simply go into your “customization tab” and can simply select what pages or widgets you want showing in each section.

This is great for business oriented websites because you can break up the homepage into sections. You can also have a hero image or a compelling video playing.

This is also ideal for blogs because you can setup a simple, yet compelling homepage where you can introduce new readers with your design. It’s honestly the theme I’ve been looking for as I love big, inviting hero images but at the same time I want links to my blog posts and a quick site introduction with an email opt-in form.

If you’re wanting to build a website follow along with my tutorial.

Easy to read published content – Important!

The new theme is clean, minimalistic and leverages typography that’s narrowly presented and easy to read.

A lot of blog themes that offer a single page display option for content (meaning only the content, no sidebar, no nothing) tend to screw it up by making the text way too wide.

This is ugly looking and difficult to read. The Twenty Seventeen theme also has a readable font size.

Mobile Ready – Twenty Seventeen looks fantastic on mobile devices.

I particularly like how parallax images are resized and lose their parallax function when on a mobile device. Instead, these images act as a full width image when viewing on a phone. This makes reading much more enjoyable as your visitors won’t be confused by gigantic images they all of a sudden need to scroll through.

The font is size is also fantastic on a mobile device.

The menu also becomes a compressed, stylish hamburger menu when on a mobile device. Making navigation easy and intuitive.

In a nut shell, this theme just works on mobile devices. It’s a totally different user experience on a mobile device, but that’s what you want! A theme to adapt to your users device and expectations.


Things I don’t like about the Twenty Seventeen Theme

There are three big things I don’t like about this theme. These can all be changed some minor coding skill however.

1 – Embedded videos look weird

If you’re on a a mobile device, embedded videos look great. If you’re on a laptop or desktop, the videos are too small because you must always have a gigantic feature image for each blog post then the embedded video is stuck in the confines of the blog post. Making it simply too small.

2) All black looks bad

You can switch the theme to be a black background with white text. Everything will be black mind you. The menu bar, the footer section and the body section.

Why not natively have the option to choose the menu and footer color? Why not have an option to have the content section be white with black text, but then the background be black?

Again, all this you can do by simply editing the CSS file.

3) Annoying trying to adjust the hyperlink color

The link color is black and underlined in the Twenty Seventeen theme (or white and underlined if you choose the black layout).

Colored links are essential if you want people to actually click links. I like using red as my hyperlink. I find it annoying that there is no option built into this to change the color of links.

Twenty Seventeen Theme – Conclusion

While this theme does have a few things that I don’t like, for a free theme I find it an excellent choice due to it’s ease of use in creating a website.

Gorgeous homepage offering a big, inviting hero image or video.

Each blog post has the option to show off a big hero image too. The image size that fits best is 2000 x 1200, but smaller images will still work.

An easy to customize footer. Allowing you to easily throw in an email opt-in box, links to product pages and links to social media accounts.

A good, easy to read, book-like width for content. Large font, modern typography.

Clean, simple, effective design for each page layout.

Ability to switch between a white or dark color layout.

Easy, drag and drop customization.

What else do you want from a free theme that’s on par with a lot of premium themes? Go check it out!