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I love the new Twenty Twenty theme from WordPress. It’s a worthy successor to the outstanding Twenty Seventeen theme and makes up for the disaster that was the Twenty Nineteen theme.

I created a full length, step 1 to step done tutorial you can watch to help you create a website with the Twenty Twenty theme.

Twenty Twenty Theme Tutorial

Tools used in this tutorial video:

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Twenty Twenty Theme Review

Image source: WordPress core

In this content we’re going to take a look at a few helpful aspects of the Twenty Twenty theme for beginners:

  • How to install the Twenty Twenty theme
  • Twenty Twenty Theme features
  • Customize the Twenty Twenty theme
  • Pros and cons of this theme

How to install the Twenty Twenty theme

The Twenty Twenty theme is no longer in beta and is now the flagship theme for WordPress. The Twenty Twenty theme will be automatically installed on any new WordPress installation.

If you’re already using another theme, you can simply navigate to appearance and then “themes” in your WordPress dashboard. Simply click on “add new” and the Twenty Twenty theme should be on the front page. Next is to click install and activate.

Twenty Twenty Theme features

The theme comes with some unique features you can take advantage of for creating content.

Text Settings

The first is in the blog posts themselves. With each blog post you’re able to quickly and easily customize the size of the text to make for a more enjoyable reading experience.

You can select any paragraph and make the text large, larger, regular or custom. This allows your content to be easy to read for visitors.

Drop Cap

You can make the first letter of each paragraph a “drop cap” which means that it will be an over-sized, stylized letter. This again makes for an improved reading experience.

Yellow Highlighter

The Twenty Twenty theme comes with a built in ability to add yellow highlighter to any text you want. This works for emphasizing important points and improves your click through rate as you can draw attention to important aspects of your writing.

No sidebar

This theme features a single content section and no sidebar. I personally love this designs like this as sidebars are not particularly useful for most layouts.

I also like how the content has a correct amount of padding on the left and right to make your content a nice, readable column instead of being too wide.

Widgetized footer

Adding text, disclaimers, social media buttons to the footer of your website is easy with the Twenty Twenty theme as it’s controlled by the widget dashboard in your WordPress admin.

Various styles of menus

You have the option to have a menu displayed in the header or to hide it as a hamburger menu when users are visiting your website on desktop. It’s a small thing, but it’s nice to have this sort of option to change the look and feel of your website.

Good hyper link color

One thing I love about this theme is that links are a magenta red. Bright colors for links work. Blue, red, orange, lime green. One thing I hated about the Twenty Seventeen theme was that links were all black and underlined.

The Twenty Twenty theme has a good, clickable link color.

Can add a background image

As is it seems to be the tradition of WordPress themes now, you’re able to add a custom background image to your website. This allows for a nice level of customization to make your website a bit more unique.

Works well with page builders

In the tutorial video I created a custom homepage with the Themify Builder. This theme was designed to be minimalistic so developers could jump in a design a website with this as a core base to work from.

I found page builders like Elementor and Themify to work with ease on the Twenty Twenty theme.

Customize the Twenty Twenty Theme

Here are my own personal customizations for this theme. I’m going to show you how to add breadcrumbs and how to hide meta data that is irrelevant and how to hide “powered by WordPress” at the bottom.

This is CSS and the place you want to put these lines of code in are to click on “customize” and then navigate to “additional CSS” in your customization screen.

Hide dates and author

.post-meta { display: none; }

You want to hide the date if your content is not time sensitive. You may also want to consider hiding the author as well. Displaying the author is helpful for SEO however as an author can develop authority on a specific topic. But to keep it simple, you simply add the display none tag to the post meta information.

Hide Categories

.entry-categories-inner { display: none; }

This hides the categories from being displayed on your blog posts. The reason I would want to hide the category is that I would prefer to use breadcrumbs for internal linking.

Hide “Powered by WordPress” at the bottom

.powered-by-wordpress {display: none;}

This will hide the “Powered by WordPress” link in the footer of your website. No need to be linking to WordPress on every single page of our website.

Add breadcrumbs

This one is a bit more tricky. First you need to install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin.

Once the plugin is activated head over to the Yoast SEO plugin admin. Find the tab where it says breadcrumbs and make sure bread crumbs in turned on:

Enable breadcrumbs

Next, for the breadcrumbs you want to show your blog page and category page so you have a nice looking, helpful breadcrumb structure displayed on all your blog posts like this:

Home > blog > Post Title

Choose “category” to be added to the taxonomy.

Last step it to actually add the code for breadcrumbs to be displayed. Find your single.php file and add the following:

if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
  yoast_breadcrumb( '<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>' );

All you do is copy and paste that code into the right spot in your single.php. The “small” tag makes your breadcrumbs smaller than the body text.

A less techy alternative way is to install the PRyC WP: Add Custom Content plugin. Once installed, simply copy and paste the following short code it to the PRyC WP content “top” section:

Pros and Cons of the Twenty Twenty theme

The pros of this theme are that it looks amazing for specific topics. With it’s readable fonts, nice blog post layout and helpful features to make reading an enjoyable experience. It’s a good theme if your topic matches the native design of the Twenty Twenty theme.

This pro is conversely the main con. It’s a sort of what you see is what you get. While it’s a lovely design you’re not able to change basic things about the theme without getting into the code.

Basic things like fonts and colors. You’re stuck with all links be a magenta red. You’re also stuck with the built in font family.

I’ve seen a lot of users complain that their is no sidebar but personally I enjoy this layout. Most visitors to your website will be on their phone so a sidebar is not at all as important as it once was.

Twenty Twenty theme conclusion

So that wraps up this review of the Twenty Twenty theme. It’s an excellent free theme and it good choice for topics that match this minimalistic style.

If you’re fine with not being able to change simple aspects like the font family and are find with having magenta as the default link color, take a look at the Twenty Twenty theme.

It looks great on mobile devices, is easy to read and is a content first blog design. Perfect for a niche website trying to convert visitors into subscribers or clicks on affiliate links.

Twenty Twenty Theme

The flagship theme for WordPress in 2020