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When purchasing a hosting account it’s easy to get confused between WordPress hosting and a shared web hosting account, and that’s the point. It’s designed to to get new users to purchase more expensive hosting than they need.

The main difference between the two is that WordPress hosting is a from of managed web hosting where at anytime you want to make a change to your website like uploading a file to verify your website with Google Search console, AdSense or you want to add an email for your domain – you’ll need to contact your web host and they will do it for you.

You also have less access and features with a managed hosting account as it’s a managed account designed to be a “done for you” service with priority support. For shared hosting by contrast, you pay less and have access to helpful features like CPanel, file manager and the ability to create email accounts without needing to contact any support channel.

What is actually needed to run WordPress?

Often you’ll see an emphasis on WordPress hosting as being better “optimized” and more “secure” for WordPress. The reality is that WordPress is so ubiquitous online, if a web host was to provide mediocre hosting speeds that were slow and server that was unsecure they would go out of business.

To run WordPress all that is needed from a technical standpoint is:

  • MySQL
  • PHP 5.0 or higher

You get exactly this when you purchase any shared hosting account. In fact, it’s more useful to get a shared hosting account because you get access typically to CPanel. With CPanel, you can create email accounts, go into your file manager or install other scripts like Joomla or Drupal if you decide WordPress is not for you.

Actual dedicated WordPress web hosts are excellent

This is not to say that dedicated WordPress web hosts are bad in any way. Here at Website Creative Pro we use WPX Hosting as our web host. The WP stands for WordPress and they are strictly a WordPress web host for high traffic websites.

You can’t install any other script beyond WordPress. That means they are optimized for WordPress and provide WordPress specific support. What we’re comparing is a web hosting company that offers both a “shared hosting” plan and a “WordPress hosting” plan.

In that situation, you’ll almost always be over paying for the WordPress hosting and getting the same quality you would get on a shared hosting plan.

The advantages of a dedicated WordPress web host

So if you do go with a strictly WordPress centric web host like WPX Hosting, what are the benefits you can expect? There are actually quite a few benefits compared to a standard web host that offers shared hosting and managed web hosting.

  • Better security – A web host who only hosts WordPress websites will pay more attention to any sort of security threat for WordPress as any type of issue will directly impact their business. As they are only in one vertical, it makes security more streamlined.
  • Better support – Instead of having a support team deal with questions about Magento, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, you can typically expect more helpful and faster support as all tickets will be about WordPress.
  • Automatic updates – A dedicated WordPress web host will automatically update your version of WordPress helping to keep your website secure and their overall servers secure.
  • Optimized server configuration – Unlike “WordPress hosting” from a company that also offers shared hosting, you’ll actually be paying for hosting that is better optimized for WordPress instead of it just being managed shared web hosting.

Shared hosting or WordPress hosting, which is the right choice?

In general, we suggest new bloggers, ecommerce merchants and content creators to go with shared hosting when getting started and to the upgrade to a dedicated WordPress host later.

This saves you money by having you purchase hosting that is appropriate for your traffic levels. No need to pay for expensive hosting if you’re not going to take full advantage of your account and all the resources it provides.

So, for beginners we like Bluehost and SiteGround. After a year or two of building your website it should be getting 1000 visitors a day once you get your blog to around 100 posts. Once your at this point, either upgrade your hosting account or move your site over to WPX hosting (they will move your website for free).

WordPress hosting vs shared hosting conclusion

WordPress hosting at most web hosts is simply a managed shared hosting solution where you’re simply over paying for shared hosting. If you want true WordPress hosting then go with a web host who’s only business is to host WordPress websites.

Otherwise, you can typically find a better deal as a beginner by getting an affordable shared hosting account with Bluehost and then migrating your website once it’s traffic increases.

WPX Hosting – Our WordPress host of choice

Website Creative Pro is hosted with WPX hosting. Affordable prices for mid sized websites, blogs and online stores. Free migration from your current host.

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