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A web log, or blog and the concept of “blogging” has evolved over time from simply living your life and sharing your story through publishing content on a website, into a form of marketing in the current attention economy.

A “blog” is really just a part of a website. Some websites main content is a blog, other websites like e-commerce stores use a blog as a way to get free search traffic. Regardless, a blog is simply a part of a website.

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The blog for the website you’re on now is found at websitecreativepro.com/blog – it’s published content that is going after keywords and phrases with the intended goal to be found in Google so this website can get free traffic from Google which can then be converted into product sales or email list subscribers.

That is why professionals and businesses blog – to get attention and then funnel that attention into some sort of specific offer.

Blog or a Website?

It’s still strange to me how the word “blog” gets conflated with the word “website” to imply that they are two different things. The words are used interchangeably and that’s what causes confusion.

Again though, a blog is just a part of a website. A website can have various features like a store, online courses, specific dedicated tutorials and of course a blog.

Some websites however are strictly content oriented websites and it’s those websites that are usually referred to as blogs since it’s the main feature of the website.

It’s sort of like if you have an online store but that store that store also has a blog. What do you call your website then?

A store? A blog? A website? Your first inclination would be to refer to is as your online store and then your website. Why? Because the store aspect it’s the main feature of your website.

People who have “blogs” do the same. The primary feature of a personal finance blog is in fact the blog posts since that make up the majority of the activity for the website.

Blog Posts vs Pages in WordPress

A page is short for web page and it’s simply any URL you can pull up on a website. Blog posts are in fact web pages.

However, in practical use for WordPress, blog posts are organized by a category. If the content you’re creating can not be organized into any category (like your about page) it should instead be published as a page.

Now I have been asked is pages rank better than blog posts. I find the entire question to be a bit silly to be honest.

Pages and posts are 100% a WordPress thing and Google is not going to rank one piece of content higher than another simply because one is a page or blog post in WordPress.

In practice you should use pages for things like your about page, contact page and legal pages. Any content where you’re going after key words and phrases use blog posts and categories.

For blog posts you’re going to want to structure them as example.com/blog/post-title for a majority of websites. This gives your website a nice structure search engine spiders and your visitors will appreciate.

How Do Blogs Make Money?

Blogs can become one of the most profitable areas on a website and can make money in a few different ways. Let’s cover the most popular ways to make money with a blog:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting products and services through your blog and then getting a commisson on the sale of the product. It’s one of the easiest and simplest ways to start making money from your blog.

All you have to do is become an affiliate for various products. Then write blog posts people interested in those products would be interested in reading and could find in Google.


An example would be something like “best vlog camera for beginners.” This would be a great blog post for a website on cameras, photography or YouTube. You could then join Amazon Associates and write up a long detailed blog post about 8 or 9 cameras and their pros and cons.

Once this page on your website starts ranking for various keywords and starts to get organic traffic you’ll start making sales.

This process works because you attract free target traffic with your blog post and then you put a relevant offer in front of that audience. Emphasis on relevant.

New bloggers get a little money hungry and start promoting high ticket items or irrelevant items and wonder why they don’t make sales.


Advertising is another viable way to make money from a blog, particularly a blog that is about a clear and specific topic (this is important because advertisers want to reach a specific audience and if your blog is all over the place you’re not helping anyone).

Advertising has a few advantages. First it’s very passive and second it allows ALL of your published content to be a potential income earner (instead of just your pages with affiliate offers.

You can advertise on your own, but it is best to build up to at least 10,000 visitors a month and to then start applying to advertising networks like Ezoic, Monumetric, Ad Thrive and Media Vine.

These publishers have a special relationship with Google for ad placement and they work with numerous premium advertisers. You can make some decent passive income once you start building up your traffic levels.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are when advertisers reach out to you and hire you to write about their products and services on your website. Sponsored posts, while not entirely passive is a excellent way to make a job replacing income if you’re able to build a popular blog.

Not only do advertisers pay you to write about them, they also give you an affiliate link so you can make additional money if anyone clicks through your link to their product.

A win-win for you.

Email Marketing

Another excellent way to make money from a blog is to drive free traffic to an email opt-in form. Once subscribed to your list, you should then build out a 1-3 month email auto-responder series where you send 2-3 emails a week on autopilot.

This requires a bit of work as you have to write the emails, but once it’s done all that is required is bit of tweaking to get the most out of your subscribers.

These emails should be a mix of pure content but also offers for various products ad an affiliate. Over time you’ll start to get data on how profitable your list is. You’ll eventually be able to know the life time value of a single email subscriber.

Creating Your Own Products

Last is creating your own products. These products could be low priced ebooks, high priced online courses or physical products. When you have a lot of blog posts, you’re able to continually sell your products in your blog posts naturally as it makes sense.

Blogging For Beginners and Businesses

Ready to get started blogging? You have a lot of options for starting a blog. If you’re wondering what is a blog, the following free guides will help give you more detail on what a blog is, how to start one and how to best go about blogging to get that free search traffic.

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How to Start a Blog

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Best Blogging Sites

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 Headlines are Important (extremely important)

Your headlines are the most important aspect of your published online work. They are the first impression and perhaps only impression you get to give to random traffic as a way to convert them into readers, subscribers, and customers. Get lazy on your headlines, and you will quickly wonder why no one is reading what you wrote: 

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How To Make a Sales Page

The time has finally come. You have a website where you’re getting 500+ visitors a day. You’re growing your traffic and your email list. Now it’s time to make something for sale. But, one small aspect you may forget is that you’ll have to create a sales page. This high level guide will show you how.

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So there you have it. You should now have a strong understanding of what a blog is, why people blog and how blogs make money. If you want to dive deeper into any topic just I would suggest reading the post about why headlines are important.

Headlines to blog posts are like thumbnails to YouTube videos. It’s a small thing, but it’s what determines if people will ready your blog post or not.