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Tablets are extremely helpful devices, particularly if you pair them with a small, light weight bluetooth wireless keyboard. Tablets themselves are quite versatile. They can be used to store and read hundreds of ebooks, watch movies, YouTube videos as well as play games and listen to music.

Once you get an affordable, small bluetooth keyboard, you’ll be amazed at how fun and helpful a tablet can become. Your tablet basically becomes a small light weight laptop that is perfect for the on the go blogger and content creator.

I personally love taking my tablet and keyboard when going on vacation instead of my laptop. Here are some things to consider when first looking to purchase a bluetooth keyboard for a tablet.

Small and lightweight

This is somewhat obvious, but there are large bluetooth keyboards on the market that are designed for a desktop PC. Instead, we want to get a portable keyboard that is small and light.

One that pairs well with our equally small tablet so it’s easy for us to blog and create content from cafes, hotel rooms or an airplane with ease.

Keyboard with backlighting

A back lit keyboard is essential if you’re going to be blogging on a tablet. A laptop tends to have a large bright screen that can shine down on your keyboard. But when you’re on a tablet, it’s a bit more difficult to see the keyboard if it does not have some sort of back lit option.

Optional carry case

Some keyboard come packaged with a helpful a minimalistic carrying case so you can keep your tablet and keyboard together. This is helpful because in one small convenient package you can have your tablet and wireless bluetooth keyboard together.

Foldable wireless keyboard

Some keyboards are functional in that they fold up into the size of a wallet. So small that you could put your wireless keyboard in your pocket. While not an essential feature, it is an added bonus to be able to fold up your keyboard into a small package so it does not take up too much space in your backpack or shoulder bag.

The 6 best wireless keyboards for tablets

If you have a tablet, you should get a bluetooth keyboard to go with it. It turns your tablet into a laptop and it allows you to have a small light weight setup that is easy to take with you. Lastly, they tend to be quite affordable. Here is Website Creative Pro’s 7 favorite:

  1. Nulaxy Keyboard
  2. Foldable Bluetooth keyboard
  3. Artech Ultra Thin
  4. Universal wireless
  5. Logitech bluetooth
  6. DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Nulaxy Keyboard – Very thin and light with carrying case

Case and a keyboard. Click to learn more.

This tops the list because it meets all of the essential requirements you would look for in a wireless keyboard for a tablet. It’s quite thin, light, has various back light colors, is rechargeable (no batteries required) and comes with a helpful multi-function case.

This keyboard is reliable and precise when paired to a tablet. It’s thin form factor allows you to carry it with your tablet without any difficulty. The case that comes with it is also designed with two purposes in mind.

The first being to securely pack your tablet and keyboard and the second is to be used to prop up your keyboard if for some reason you don’t have a case. The case is a bit magnetic and is detachable.


  • The actual keyboard is small, thin, light and responsive.
  • Solid connection. When paired with your tablet this keyboard works perfectly.
  • Carrying case and a back light feature included.


  • The carrying case is a bit bulky and not particularly beautiful.

Foldable keyboard – Touch Pad Included

Touch pad included. Click to learn more.

One small annoyance when blogging on a tablet is that you’re going have to use the tough screen to navigate. Once you get used to it, it’s really a non issue. However, some may still want a keyboard that has a touch pad option.

What is great about this foldable wireless keyboard is that it folds up into the size of a wallet while also having a built in touch pad. If you’re left handed however you’re out of luck at the touch pad is attached to the right side of the keyboard.


  • Compact, portable size.
  • Keyboard works in USB mode when attached to an Android device.
  • Touch pad included.


  • It does not “lock” into place. So if you’re wanting to put it on your lap it will fold up a bit. This is best used on a flat surface only.
  • Compact size, but laid out it’s bigger than other options.

Artech Ultra Thin – Stainless Steel Option

Multi-colored steel wonder.

This thin, lightweight wireless keyboard is made out of stainless steel. With a shiny black body and chiclet style keys, this keyboard is quite nice to type on. While not as portable as the first two on the list, we really liked the premium build of this bluetooth enabled wirless keyboard.

If you’re looking for something that is a bit more solid and not made out of plastic this keyboard is great. It has no number pad and no touch pad as it is designed to be used strictly as a keyboard.


  • Premium build.
  • Enjoyable to type due to the chiclet keys
  • Lasts for weeks on a full charge


  • Can’t be folded up in any way.

Universal wireless keyboard – The Value Option

Basic plastic wireless keyboard.

This is a cheap, generic wireless keyboard for a smart TV, smart phone or a tablet. It’s a no frills keyboard. It’s not the most convenient to type on due to it’s strange layout and that this device tends to sometimes disconnect when paired.

Non the less, if you’re looking for a cheap, entry level wireless keyboard this is a good option.


  • Very affordable
  • Small, thin and light.


  • Keyboard layout is odd. Keys are a bit small, the spacebar is off and it sometimes disconnects when paired to your device.
  • Cheaply made.

Logitech bluetooth – The Mid Range Option

The name brand option.

Logitech products are hit or miss with regards to build quality. Some things they make last a long time like their mouses, other items like their headphones break after a year of casual use. This wireless keyboard is no different.

It’s a wonderful device because it pairs well with any device that accepts bluetooth and you can lay it on your lap and type in full comfort. However, with casual use this keyboard will start to have some problems.

The one we had began to have the keys stick which became the most annoying issue using this keyboard. Brand new, this thing is great. But it does not hold up long term.


  • Very comfortable to type on.
  • Excellent balance of size and function.
  • Thin, light and portable.


  • Build quality issues. You may experience problems with this keyboard after a year or two of casual use.

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Productivity Option

This has a cool factor. Click to learn more.

This keyboard while marketed as a gaming device is actually incredibly comfortable to type on due to the mechanical design of the keys. You either love it or hate it. This keyboard made the list because not everyone wants a super small and thin wireless keyboard.

If you’re someone who wants an colorful, mechanical keyboard that is fully programmable then this keyboard is perfect. While not the smallest option out there, it’s still lightweight an can also be wired or wireless depending on your needs.


  • Fully programmable. If all you’re doing is typing however this is not a selling point.
  • Fast stable bluetooth that is also hot swapable.
  • Mechanical keys.


  • Dual space bar – essential for some, annoying for those who just want to type
  • Battery life is mediocre compared to other options

The Best Wireless Keyboard For Tablets and Multi-Purpose Use

So that is it for this list of the best bluetooth enabled, portable wireless keyboards for tablets and smart home devices. If you already have a tablet, getting a low cost keyboard is one of the most fun and useful purchases.

If turns your tablet into an ultra portable laptop that is perfect for blogging.