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So you want to create your own self hosted website or blog with WordPress? Here at Website Creative Pro we’ve reviewed and tested numerous web hosts so here is our guide on the best overall WordPress web hosts as well as their pros and cons.

This web hosting guide is based on uptime, website load speed, cost, customer reviews and our own experience actually using this web host to create a website. We also take into consideration unique selling points of each web host.

What to look for in a web host?

With a web host you want to know how much bandwidth you get as well as storage. A lot of companies will simply say “unlimited” on the purchase page but this is simply not true. Always ask the web host first.

Next, you want to pay close attention to renewal fees. A lot of web hosts offer great introduction rates that then massively increase after your first contract. Last you want to pay attention to down time and response time. A web host with a fast response time means your website will load more quickly.

The Best Web Hosting Options For WordPress

Here is Website Creative Pro’s guide to the best web hosting for WordPress. We have tested all of these web hosts and each host has different pros and cons based on their service. Here are the web hosts we will cover:

  1. Bluehost
  2. WPX Hosting
  3. SiteGround
  4. Namehero
  5. Hostinger
  6. Green Geeks
  7. Host Gator
  8. A2 Hosting
  9. Cloud Ways
  10. Kinsta

Bluehost: The #1 Recommended Web Host by WordPress

Since 1996, Blue Host has been providing reliable hosting for millions of websites. Blue Host is your safe, name brand choice. They are the #1 recommended web host by WordPress and provide all the tools, support and guidance you need for creating a website.

If you’re new to creating websites and blogging, Bluehost is an excellent starter web host. Here at Website Creative Pro we suggest users start with Bluehost and then move to WPX Hosting once your website gets beyond 1000 visitors a day regularly.


  • A safe and reliable choice for web hosting. Millions of people trust them and they are recommended by WordPress. They also offer a an excellent introductory rate and a fair renewal rate.


  • Bluehost customer service is mediocre.

View our detailed Bluehost review.


The #1 recommended web host by WordPress.

bluehost logo

WPX Hosting – The Best Web Host For Established Websites

WPX Hosting is one of the best web hosts for medium to high traffic websites. With the tools and support required to handle high traffic websites, WPX hosting is quite affordable given the quality of the web hosting they provide as well as the superior support.

With WPX you get a streamlined user experience from start to finish as well as free migration of all your websites. That means you can start your website(s) with Bluehost and then when it’s ready to be moved, you can do so for free.


  • Simply one of the best, fastest and most reliable web hosts for established websites. Free migration, excellent support and great hosting.


  • Expensive. WPX Hosting is for established websites that get traffic and make money.

Website Creative Pro is hosted with WPX hosting.

WPX Hosting

One of the best web hosts for WordPress.

SiteGround – The Bluehost / WPX Hosting Hybrid

SiteGround is one of only three recommended web hosts by WordPress and for good reason. They constantly out perform the competition with regards to speed and up-time. This is essential for building a profitable blog or website because Google has publicly stated that your website needs to load in under three seconds.

SiteGround also provides unique in-house WordPress speed and security solutions to make your site as fast and secure as possible. They also offer automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching and a CDN. Last, they are one of the few companies offering location specific hosting with 3 data centers in USA, Europe, and Asia.


  • Fast, reliable web hosting. Excellent customer service and you can get a 70% discount on your purchase on your first contract using our link.


  • Very expensive. SiteGround has comparable introduction rates to Bluehost but their actual cost is more expensive than WPX Hosting.

View our in-depth SiteGround review.


Excellent hosting, good introduction rate.

Namehero – The best up and coming shared host

Name Hero provides some outstanding cloud hosting for WordPress and our favorite resller hosting packages around. While not as popular as brands like SiteGround, Bluehost and Host Gator, Namehero is a hosting company founded to be a quality alternative to big brands.

What makes them better and different? They offer easy to use, easy to setup cloud hosting without the marketing hype. With true cloud hosting with SSD storage, Namehero provides reliable, fast and scalable web hosting. They are the choice of tech savvy professionals looking for good cloud hosting for cheap.


  • Outstanding service from this fairly unknown web host. Their reseller hosting packages are some of the most competitive around.


  • A fairly new web host, support could be better.


Fast, affordable cloud hosting made easy.

Hostinger – The best Budget Web Host

Hostinger has some of the lowest prices around for web hosting. When we first started working with Hostinger, their lowest plan was .80 cents a month. Hostinger is the web host you go with if you’re price sensitive but still want a quality, self hosted WordPress website.

Hostinger plans cost a few dollars a month after the introduction rate and you get access to all the tools and services you need to create a website.


  • The best price and performance around. For the quality and speed of the hosting you get combined with their price point, Hostinger is hard to beat if price is important to you.


  • Support is lacking and you have to setup your own SSL certificate with Cloudflare (which you can do for free).

Checkout our comprehensive Hostinger review.


The best budget web host available today.

Green Geeks – The Eco Friendly Web Host

Green Geeks is a lesser known web hosting company who’s unique selling point is that they provide eco-friendly web hosting, hence the name Green Geeks. Their hosting plans are good, their support is good and their up time, response times and renewal costs are all acceptable.

If you’ve been wanting to create a website or start a blog but want an affordable web host who is environmentally friendly, look no further than Green Geeks.


Fast hosting, excellent introduction price, US based company that strives to be environmentally friendly.


They are primarily a shared hosting account. They do offer a VPS service but if you ever need a full server they are not for you.

Green Geeks

Affordable, environmentally friendly web hosting.

Host Gator: The Best Affiliate Marketing Host

Host Gator is a good shared web host that offers very low introduction rates, a free domain name for the first year and an SSL certificate. Host Gator is an average, name brand web host. Not good, not bad. Where Host Gator excels however is with their affiliate marketing program.

Powered by Impact Radius, Host Gator provides their affiliates with special coupon codes which are perfect for YouTube tutorials because they not only give credit to the affiliate for the sale, they also do provide a genuine above and beyond purchase discount.


  • Good hosting, great affiliate program with their coupon code system.


  • Their hosting speeds are average compared to other hosts.

Host Gator

The affiliate marketers choice hosting. Good hosting, excellent affiliate program.

A2 Hosting – The Bluehost Alternative

A2 Hosting can be best described as a solid Bluehost alternative. Some out there are contrarian and don’t want to follow the crowd. If that’s you, take a look at A2 Hosting. After the introduction rate, their renewal rates are slightly less than Bluehost, (though not as cheap as Hostinger or HostPapa).

They offer a broad range of affordable services for hosting any type of website, not just WordPress. Their most basic plan allows only one website but their mid range plans provide fast, effective web hosting for blogs and various types of websites.

They are also one of the few web hosts that offer a competitive reseller hosting plan. While most web hosts have abandoned their resellers, A2 Hosting and Namehero have some great packages.

Last, A2 Hosting on their more expensive “turbo” plan provides some very fast hosting at a reasonable rate. You could always start off with one of their budget plans then upgrade your account as your website grows.


Excellent shared hosting and their renewal prices are fair. They also offer free website migration.


Their startup plan allows for one website which is pretty useless.

A2 Hosting

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Cloudways – High Performance, Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that is optimized for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Laravel and Custom PHP. Unlike their competitors, Cloudways gives their customers full choice in choosing their infrastructure provider from any of our partners (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode).

The advantage of this is that it allows you to deploy your website on the provider of your choice while getting the same amazing experience. Cloudways has a low priced starter plan but is more geared for large, established websites.

If you’re looking for a fast, premium web host for your fast growing WordPress website take a look at Cloudways.


Fast, professionally managed web hosting. Can deploy hosting for specific apps, online stores powered by Magento or WordPress, assign team members, manage projects and manage a server. Advanced cloud hosting for growing business at it’s finest.


Can be a bit confusing for new users to get up and running with Cloudways as they are a proper cloud host.


A professional, managed cloud hosting platform for successful websites.

Kinsta – Managed Hosting For High Traffic Websites

Kinsta is an expensive managed web host. They provide some of the fastest, most responsive and secure hosting. With an expertly trained staff ready to assist any technical issue you have as well as an outstanding custom CDN where you get your choice of data center, Kinsta is an enterprise hosting solution for business.

If you’re running a large e-commerce website powered by WordPress and WOO Commerce or you need a proper staging area to tweek and deploy apps. Kinsta is a fast, reliable and secure web host with excellent support


Outstanding hosting with a lot of advanced features complicated, high traffic websites need.


Kinsta is very expensive.


An excellent managed web host for professionals and small business.

The Best Web Hosting For WordPress Conclusion

With WordPress hosting you have a lot of great options depending if you’re a new WordPress user or you run an established website or e-commerce store. For most new users looking to start a blog or website with WordPress we suggest going with Bluehost.

They are a name brand you can trust and provide everything a beginner needs to grow a website. Once your website is getting over 1000 visitors a day and is doing over 50,000 pageviews then consider moving over to WPX Hosting.

For everyone else it’s a case by case basis. Want a Bluehost alternative? That’s A2 Hosting and Namehero. Price sensitive? Go with Hostinger. Run a brick and mortar store but need a website to handle traffic, we like SiteGround. Whatever host you decided to go with, get one that is appropriate for your needs.