11 YouTube Intro Makers You Need To Know About

When I first started creating videos online years ago I thought I needed this big fancy intro for my videos to make them look professional.

I did not have any video intro maker for YouTube at the time (nor any experience making videos!) so I went ahead and bought a gig off Fiverr where I had someone craft for me a 15 second video intro that I put right in the beginning of my first 5 videos. 

The result?

People bounced off the video within the first 10 seconds because the intro was too long.

You’ve seen the type. It’s always some teenager or dude from India who makes some laser light show intro that just goes on and on and on and on and on.

You need a video intro for your website, but it should be something simple and no longer than 5 seconds. More like 3 to 5 second ideally. Take a look at any of the videos on the Website Creative Pro YouTube channel.

I either use a simple 4 second video intro or I’ll go ahead and create a custom voice over and create a custom video intro using Powtoon like this popular video below:

I get how important it is to have flexibility with creating a YouTube video intro. Sometimes you want a quick 4 second video intro, other times you want to step it up a bit. 

Here are 16 awesome video intro makers you need to know about:

#1 PowToon ( our favorite)

The above intro you saw in my video was created with PowToon. What I like about PowToon is that it’s very easy to create beautiful animated videos, even if you don’t know how to make animated videos. It’s designed for individuals with no tech skills. Making the whole design process fun and easy.

With PowToon you can actually focus on the design and creation aspect of your video instead of being frustrated by the technical side of creating videos. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of PowToon:


PowToon is ideal for creating short 5 second to 30 second videos.

PowToon comes with numerous templates, making it so easy to create something outstanding.

The user interface is design for easy use.

When rendering, it’s all done on PowToon’s servers! You simply get an email when your video is ready to download to your laptop.

Could potentially resell these videos as a service on Fiverr. This is how I got started on Fiverr. I hated it, BUT there are people making thousands of dollars a month selling PowToon videos.


The PowToon interface slows down when you start getting to videos over 5 minutes in length. Not too bad, but it’s still a noticeable decrease.

Price. PowToon is a bit price prohibitive. Best to get an account during a discount like black Friday or to sell videos as a service to make up the cost.

#2 Render Forest

Another great option is Render Forest. They operate under the same sort of business model as PowToon. They provide various subscription plans including a free plan that allows you to make nice animated videos. In order to get 1080p downloads of your video you’re going to have to pay a monthly fee. However, you could sign up for a month. Create a bunch of different intros as you need and then cancel your plan. 

The free plan is fine if you’re on a budget but it can only be downloaded in 360p so if you were to use that in an actual video you were making for YouTube you would have to upscale it to 1080p (which would look bad).


Great templates and easy customization options.

Easily adjust animation speed of select elements on an animation slide.

Modern, fun design style


The free version is quite limited and is more useful for someone looking to try out the software

#3 Biteable

Biteable is an excellent option for creating YouTube intro videos, explainer videos and general animation videos. What makes Biteable unique is that they incorporate stock footage from Shutter Stock that you can use in your videos along with animation.

Bitable offers a monthly plan and you get full access to everything for one price. They do have a free option which you can checkout as well that may be adequate for a YouTube video intro.


Animation and shutterstock clips at your disposal to create video ads as well as YouTube video intros.


Designed more Facebook and Instagram advertisers

#4 Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: YouTube video intros. If you’re on the hunt for a specialized service that focuses only on video intros, you may find what you’re looking for over at Tube Arsenal.

Tube Arsenal offers there videos on a pay per video model.


Easy to customize templates

Ideal for a younger audience with a focus on “lets play” content creators.


Expensive. Unlike other services where you can pay for a month of use and make as videos as you want, with Tube Arsenal you have to pay for each video video you want to download.

#5 Fiverr

Fiverr is a decent option for finding intro videos for YouTube. It’s what I did at first. You can find numerous gigs that are low cost where they sell a very specific intro and will customize it with specific artwork of your choosing. They keep their price low because it’s not  a custom intro.

For gigs that give more control expect to pay more. Remember though, a video intro only needs to be 3 to 5 seconds in length max. So make sure you find a gig who will make this sort of video or get a one month subscription to PowToon and make what you want yourself.


Done for you service.

Fair price. Most gigs will charge around $5 to make a 5 second video intro.


You don’t have control over the work. 

Making minor changes can become annoying for both you and the gig provider.

#6 Velosofy

Velosofy is a free YouTube video intro makter. It’s perfect for both skilled and unskilled YouTube content creators. All you do is simply download a template and you’re good to go. No watermarks and you can use it for 1080p videos. The only catch with Velosofy is that though it’s free, some template creators may ask for credit in the video description. Also, most of the templates are for Adobe After Effects and similar programs. 

If you’re looking to customize a template you’ll need software installed.


Free templates! Free as in free. Some may require attribution, but most templates are totally free.


The templates are free to download, but you’ll still need software like After Effects to actually edit any of the templates.

#7 Ivipvid

Ivipvid is another lesser known YouTube video intro maker. Ivipvid offers a fair range of templates that can be customized to your liking as needed. Though the Ivipvid is not free, it does not offer a subscription model. Instead Ivipvid works on a credit system

The end result is that Ivipvid can be a bit expensive as you’re paying for each video you need individually like you are with Tube Arsenal (except not as expensive as Tube Arsenal).


Ivipvid is a great choice for eccentric, quirky and cool videos.


Operates on a credit system.

The video customization options are limited.

#8 Video Hive

Brought to you buy the creators of Theme Forest comes VideoHive.net. Video Hive is simply a market place for templates and if you already have quality video editing software like After Effects, this market place is an ideal spot for you to checkout.

It’s filling with a seemingly never ending amount of video templates, all of which can be customized to your needs upon purchase of a license.


The leading marketplace for templates for templates, motion graphics,  stock footage and 4D cinema templates.


You’ll need the appropriate software to actually customize each template you purchase.

#9 Moovly

Moovly allows you to create video presentations and intro videos with ease. Choose from various movie clips, sound clips and animated objects, you can also upload your own content without issue.

How does it work? You simply select a template you would like to customize, then add objects and sound effects as you like. When finished simply export to your laptop.


Can make attractive presentation videos with ease.


Is a bit expensive and the styles may not fit what you would want for a quick intro video for YouTube.

#10 Explee

Explee is one of the most expensive option on the list, but they provide an excellent service for the cost. Explee can be used to create video intros for YouTube but you’re going to want to export those videos at least at 1080p. To do that, you’ll have to pay quite a lot for a monthly subscription. It’s a platform that is more designed with the white board creator in mind.


Can create lovely whiteboard videos and YouTube intro videos


They are designed more for whiteboard video makers. As such, they charge a lot for this service.

#11 Animoto

Animoto allows you to add graphics, animation as well as your own clips in order to create some pretty impressive videos. You can use Animoto to create full YouTube videos as it’s designed for photographers, business owners and families.


Various designs for marketing purposes, photographers and families looking to create movies.

14 day free trial – You could make your intro video then cancel your subscription.


May not have the templates and styles you would want for a YouTube intro video.


 There you have it folks, those are the 11 best YouTube intro makers around. Which on the list have you tried? What do you think is the best option? I personally love PowToon and have been using them for years to help create fun, animated video intros for YouTube. Fiverr is also a hit or miss choice. 

Again, what you’re going to want for a video intro for a YouTube video is for it to be 3-5 seconds in length and at least at 1080p. A lot of the platforms on this list offer various plans but you need to read the details for each subscription plan. 720p is simply not going to have the quality you want when you actually render a video in 1080p HD.