Blogging Tools – The Essential Guide

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The amount of blogging tools available can be overwhelming. What do you need, what can you safely ignore, what should you keep in mind for later use as your website grows?

On this page we layout the most essential blogging tools for building and optimizing your website from step 1 to step done. This includes video creation, SEO and content marketing for your website.


So what does this website that you’re on use?


I have a few medium traffic websites (1k visitors a day) so I have all my websites including this one hosted with WPX Hosting.

For new websites however, you should go with Bluehost or SiteGround. They are recommended by WordPress for a reason and are the perfect price point for someone starting out (WPX is expensive and designed for established websites).

In general, I advise going with Bluehost then once you get to around 1,500 visitors a day move over to WPX hosting.


I register all of my domains at Namecheap. They have the lowest prices and I like keeping my domains separate from my hosting account.

WordPress Theme

Website Creative Pro uses the ULTRA theme from Themify. Get ULTRA and make sure to use code ULTRAPRO for a nice discount.

Ultra simply is the right mix of a modern looking design, not overly complicated and feature rich.

Email Marketing

I use Convert Kit. They are a fantastic tool for marketers and those looking to sell digital products. If you have products or courses, Convert Kit is designed for you.

If you just want to email updates of your blog or YouTube channel however, go with Mailer Lite.

Best Blogging Tools

Want more detail? Sure thing pal. All buttons open in a child page to make it easy to navigate. Consider bookmarking this page if you find it helpful.

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SEO Tools

Create content people want. Here are some tools to help do this.

Web Hosting

What are the best hosts for your website or blog? Find out!

YouTube Gear

Camera gear for YouTube. Drive traffic and make serious money with YouTube!

Email Marketing

Email is how you turn a blog into a business. Come see how.

Monetize With Ads

My favorite advertising networks you should check out.

WordPress Themes

The best themes to design your website with.

Stock Images and Video

My favorite places to get free stock images and video clips.

Outsource Writing

Want to grow and scale? Hire writers because long term you can’t do it all yourself.

Grammar and Writing Tools

Need help with headlines? What about your grammar? I got you covered.