Monetize With Ads

When I say I make passive income from my websites, people always think I only mean advertising. Advertising is very passive but only works once you start to get some decent pageviews. This is not a strategy for new websites but it’s something to keep in mind as your website grows.

Ezoic – Great For Small to Medium Websites (8,000+ Pageviews)

Ezoic is THE BEST network to use if you have a smaller website (100-500 visitors a day) and are wanting to monetize with ads. Ezoic themselves are not an advertising network but rather they act as a middle man; giving your smaller website access to premium ads run by bigger networks.

Compared to just running AdSense ads by yourself, you’ll almost always make more with Ezoic on a smaller site. Sidenote, if your website is under 100 visitors a day, I would not even bother with advertising as your traffic is simply to small. Focus on growth instead.

Here is a video on using Ezoic on a WordPress website.

Apply to Ezoic today.

Monumetric – Ideal for Medium to Large Websites (10,000 – 80,000 Pageviews)

Monumetric is a premium ad network that can generate serious cash from your traffic. If you have a WordPress website and are getting at least 10,000 pageviews a month if not more, take a look at Monumetric.

They have various partnership plans for website that get 10,000 pageviews a month all the way to millions of pageviews a month.

Some things to note. If your website is getting between 10,000 to 80,000 pageviews you’ll have to pay a 99$ setup fee. If you’re running a website where you get over 1000 visitors a day, you should make this setup fee back in a few days.

You will also have to agree to display up to 6 ads on each of your pages as part of the Monumetric program on both desktop and mobile. Not all at the same time obviously, just in various spots within the page.

Monumetric is great for mid range websites looking to get involved with a premium ad network but are not quite at the size to apply to Ad Thrive or Media Vine.

Ad Thrive – For Large Websites (100,000 Pageviews)

Ad Thrive is the industry leader in the advertising space. They typically provide the highest RPM’s (revenue per thousand impressions) in the industry (though Media Vine is a strong competitor). If your website is getting 2,000 visitors a day you should be able to get around 100,000 pageviews as each visitor should view more than a single page.

Ad Thrive is the go-to network for high traffic niche websites that are looking to monetize through ads.

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