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There a few content writing tools and services you should be aware of. Here are some of the most useful around when you’re in need of hiring writers and improving on page content.

Grammarly (Proofreading and Grammar)

Grammarly – This is a proof reading plugin for chrome. It helps you avoid spelling mistakes and to create better content.

It’s not perfect obviously. If you spell correctly, but have not yet mastered the difference between your and you’re or you put words in the wrong order because you’re an idiot Grammarly won’t save you. But it’s a simple and quick first line of defense against looking stupid 🙂

Buzz Sumo – Find Popular Content

Buzz Sumo allows you to find popular content that’s being shared on a website.

It gives you the amount of social shares and the title of the piece of content. This is useful for coming up with content ideas and headlines for yourself.

With a free account you can look at the past year’s worth of data. For beyond that you will need to upgrade your account.

Co Schedule – Write Better Headlines

Co Schedule is a helpful tool to help you craft better, more appealing headlines for copywriting purposes. Headlines are some of the most important aspects of a blog post or YouTube video. Co Schedule helps you craft headlines that win.

Word Agents – They Know SEO

Word Agents is my go-to source for all things niche site related. These guys understand SEO and are able to produce decent content based on keywords you give them. You can literally just send them over a file that lists out 10 keywords you want made into articles and they’ll take care of it for you.

Iwriter – Quality Writing For a Fair Price

Iwriter is an excellent content mil. Fair upfront pricing. Good writing, quick turn around and they check the article to make sure the writer did not plagiarize another piece of content.

With Iwriter, they’re best for specific topics but not too specific. As long as the writer can research the topic within reason, you’ll get a good article back for you to edit and upload to your website.

Upwork – Decent spot to hire writers

Upwork is a hit or miss spot for finding quality writers. What’s good about Upwork is the project management function on the website to manage workflow and writers.