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Creating your own products is one of the best ways to make money from your website, blog and YouTube channel. Product creation should only be done once you have a validated and growing website and YouTube channel and know how to best serve your audience.

Once you’re ready, here are the tools and services we suggest using for creating online courses and ebooks.

Online courses

Creating online courses is a very profitable way to monetize your website. You have two main options. To use a marketplace or to self host.

A marketplace is great if you’re looking to create courses that are off brand for what it is you do or you don’t have much of an established audience. Self hosted platforms are better once you have an audience and a marketing funnel.

Teachable – Best For Hosting Your Own Courses

Teachable is an excellent online platform to host your courses because for one price they allow you to design your course, landing pages, sales pages and provide hosting for the actual course material. Purchases are secure, you can charge whatever you want for your courses and reporting on the back of new students is easy to manage.


Create and sell online courses made easy.

Skillshare – Short courses marketplace

Skillshare pays per premium minutes watched. The way it works is that you upload your courses and those courses get a specific URL you can share.

When your visitors signup to Skill share via your link that you share via your website and YouTube channel you get a one off commission and you get continued royalties for premium minutes watched.

Skillshare is a marketplace and your courses will get watched even if you don’t have an audience yet. Please be aware that Skillshare does vet your courses so please upload quality material only. They operate on a 3 strikes policy if you violate their terms of service.


Create short, high quality courses.

Udemy – The Online Course Marketplace

Udemy is a great spot to put your online courses. You get free hosting, Udemy helps promote your courses and it’s a marketplace. So if you’re able to get your courses to rank for their respective search terms, you can make a decent passive income.

All Udemy courses sell for $10 and you as the instructor will get between $1 to $6 per sale. The pay is low, but again if you’re able to rank for something like “iphone photography” you’re able to make money in a very passive way without you needing to pay for anything or promote anything.


The biggest online course marketplace.

Create and sell ebooks and art

There are numerous places to host your digital products. What you want in a platform is a way to host your products, a way for people to buy your products through a payment gateway and a way to deliver the end product.

Gumroad – The free plan solution

Gumroad is great for any sort of one off digital download like a PDF ebook, video tutorial or audio clip. Gumroad has a free plan where you pay per transaction to help get you started. The checkout process is clean and modern. You can host your products for free and only pay when you make a sale.

Sendowl – Better Analytics

Sendowl is similar to Gumroad. The main differences is are that they don’t have a free plan. You have to pay a monthly fee, however they don’t charge any type of transaction fee so if you make a lot of sales Sendowl will probably be cheaper long term. Sendowl also has better metrics on the back end.

e-junkie – The low priced option

This class option was the go-to spot for anyone looking to host their ebook. E-Junkie starts at $5 a month. With that you can host up to 10 products, 200 mb of storage and can have affiliates for your products.

E-Junkie like other platforms, allow you to store any type of digital download but they are most geared towards ebooks.

Clickbank – The old school internet marketing choice

Clickbank allows you to sell membership sites, ebooks, audio or software. They act as the payment gateway and the host for the actual product. You however need to create, design and manage everything else like the sales page, website, course material, how the content is locked (if you’re running a membership website).

The advantage of Clickbank is that it’s a marketplace full of affiliates and if your product sells well for affiliates, it will attract more affiliates who do they marketing for you.


Subscription revenue is the best form of online income because it’s fairly reliable and does not fluctuate too much month to month once you get things going.

Patreon – The popular option

I love Patreon. I was able to properly setup my Patreon page in a few hours. Patreon makes running your own membership website easy. It’s free to use and all you do is pay a transaction fee.

Memberpress – The WordPress option

Want to host your own exclusive membership website, where you have full control over the pricing and branding? You can setup your own private community with Memebrpress.

The advantage of Memberpress is that you have full control over your community. The downside is that you’re responsible for designing and maintaining the website. You’ll need to to pay for Memberpress, a hosting account, domain name and a video host like Vimeo.