Email List Providers

Here are the two email list providers I suggest checking out:

Mailer Lite – Email Marketing Made Easy

Mailer Lite comes with all the features of more expensive providers but without the price tag. If you’re looking for an email marketing service provider that the ability to send unlimited emails to a list as well as the ability to setup an auto responder series, Mailer Lite was designed for you.

PROS: Mailer Lite has all the tools you need to grow a list. Pop up forms, pre designed landing pages and forms to embed on your website. Mailer Lite makes growing and managing an email list easy. Also they’re reliable, easy to use and cheap.

CONS: No advanced tagging and segmentation features. Mailer Lite is designed for those who want to grow a single list and email that list 2-4 times a week.

Checkout Mailer Lite.

Convert Kit – Best Email Marketing Tool

Convert Kit is now the industry leader for a reason. They have a heavy focus on using email to sell products and services. If you’re looking to use your email list to promote products as an affiliate or your own digital products, Convert Kit is your best option as they have the tools and automation to do this with ease.

What I love about Convert Kit is their tagging feature. Say you’re doing multiple affiliate promotions in a month. You can tag people who bought one week so you know not to email them again with other promotions so soon.

With Convert Kit you can also setup multiple funnels for your website. Say you have a page about fitness for men and another page about fitness for women. You can create two different forms and funnels to separate your list into two groups.

Convert Kit was designed for selling digital products, both your own and as an affiliate.

Learn more here.