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We have a very detailed guide on a ton of different web hosts you could consider using as well as their pros and cons. This page will recommend the best hosts for most people.

SiteGround and Bluehost

SiteGround – An excellent web host and one of only 3 hosts recommended by WordPress. They provide excellent customer service and their hosting speeds are some of the fastest. Meaning, your website will load quickly which is a ranking factor.


Excellent hosting and excellent introduction price. Get 70% off your purchase.

So SiteGround is the perfect host?

No of course not. The issue that most have with SiteGround is that they’re not ideal for websites that get viral traffic. SiteGround is perfect for medium sized websites that get stable monthly traffic. If you’re going to be getting viral traffic from Pinterest for example, SiteGround may suspend your account and demand you upgrade (which can be quite costly)

What about Blue Host?

Blue Host is the #1 recommended host by WordPress. They are a good, no frills, name brand web host. While their tech support is not as good as SiteGround and SiteGround provides better hosting overall, Blue Host is much better on price.

So it’s a trade off. SiteGround is a great host but quite expensive long term. Blue Host is a good starter web host. Their prices are also much more fair long term.

Blue Host

The #1 recommended host by WordPress for a reason. Perfect for new websites.

WPX Hosting – Best For Websites Over 100,000 Pageviews

I love WPX hosting. They are an excellent option for those of you who have an established website that is getting over 100,000 pageviews a month. Clean, simple user interface.

The best customer support I’ve experienced, inexpensive considering the support and speed you get. Very fast server response times and very helpful tech support.

The only con is that they’re not ideal for new websites with no traffic. Go with Blue Host or SiteGround. Then as your website or websites start getting 50,000+ page views consider moving over to WPX hosting.

They offer free migration so it’s a simple process.

WPX Hosting

One of the best web hosts for medium to large websites. Fast hosting, excellent support.

Kinsta – Best For Websites Over 500,000 Pageviews

Kinsta is the choice of professionals who run large websites. If you have a website or a collection of websites that are doing 500,000 or more pageviews a month you should consider going with Kinsta.

They have the support and the technical infrastructure designed to handle high traffic websites that routinly get big spikes in traffic from sources like Pinterest and Facebook.

Most don’t hear about Kinsta because they are designed for a niche market. Those who actually have large profitable websites. If you don’t even have a website setup yet, it’s crazy to go with Kinsta.

Kinsta is like the final boss of web hosts. You go with them after you’ve built a profitable business and if that’s you, check them out. They’re easily one of the best web hosts on the market right now.