SEO Tools To Get More Traffic

You could just “wing it” and create content on whatever you feel like (you’ll probably end up with a blog that has 50+ posts and gets 30 visitors a day), or you can follow some best practices to create content people actually want.

Here is a quick list of tools I find really helpful. For SEO tools, you are going to typically have to pay if you want actionable data.

Uber Suggest – 100% Free

Bought out by Neil Patel for a 100,000 dollars. This is a helpful FREE keyword tool designed to allow you to find the search volume and difficulty of a specific keyword as well as related keywords.

Keywords Everywhere + Google 100% Free

My favorite free Chrome extension. It simply gives you a broad estimate as to the search volume of a keyword or phrase. I personally don’t rely on any tool for accuracy, rather I like it because if it says a phrase as more than a “0” for search volume I know it’s a phrase people use. Last, it also gives related search phrases.

Mangools – A suite of SEO Tools

Mangools gives you a difficulty estimate as well as the search volume for different phrases. It also comes packaged with a bunch of other helpful tools like a back link checker (to see where your competitors are getting their links, a search engine results page analysis and a site profiler.

SEM Rush – SEM Rush is my FAVORITE tool for SEO.

It allows you to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Very valuable because if you know your competitor is ranking and getting traffic for a specific phrase, it only makes sense for you to go after that keyword as well.

AHrefs – The best SEO tool on the market.

Allows you to do competitive research on your competitors and it also has an internal site auditor and allows you to do a much deeper analysis into how your competitors are ranking.

Pro tip: Unlike web hosting that you need to pay for every month. You could just pay for one month of SEM Rush and compile a TON of data on your competitors. Taking all this data and spending the next few months acting on it.

To be honest, this is exactly what I do. Pay for a month, do a ton of research and then spend the next 3-6 months acting on it.

Lastly, do you even need keyword tools?

For me I find SEM Rush essential. Even if only for a month but you don’t need to rush out and get a keyword tool. Instead, watch this:

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