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The secret to creating blog posts and YouTube videos is to create content that people are actually looking for. Too many just “wing it” and end up creating websites with a lot of content but no traffic. Here are some tools to get you started:

Uber Suggest – Was free, now is paid

Bought out by Neil Patel for a $100,000 dollars. This is a helpful FREE keyword tool designed to allow you to find the search volume and difficulty of a specific keyword as well as related keywords.

It’s all a guess, but it gives you a broad idea as to the competitive nature of a keyword.

Keywords Everywhere Keyword suggestion tool

Keywords Everywhere changed to a paid model so they don’t provide any search volume information anymore unless you pay.

However, they still give out related keyword searches which can shows you alternative phrases that people are actually looking for.

Google Search Console – 100% Free

Search console is provided by Google and allows you to see what pages are ranking for what, what position they are at and the amount of impressions they get.

It gives you insight into your overall rankings and also gives you clear and specific phrases you’re ranking for. Sometimes you’ll notice a keyword you’re blog and website is not optimized for so it’s quite helpful for finding keywords that are actually driving traffic.

SEM Rush – SEM Rush is my favorite tool for SEO.

It allows you to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Very valuable because if you know your competitor is ranking and getting traffic for a specific phrase, it only makes sense for you to go after that keyword as well.

AHrefs – The best SEO tool on the market.

Allows you to do competitive research on your competitors and it also has an internal site auditor and allows you to do a much deeper analysis into how your competitors are ranking.

Answer the Public – Long tail keyword research tool

This website allows you to find phrases people are actually using. Sort of like keywords everywhere. It’s great because you can find targeted keywords which can form the backbone of your blogging efforts.

Google Trends – Verify your keywords

I love using Google Trends to verify the traffic of a keyword. Sometimes you’ll find an interesting keyword via Answer the Public or Keywords everywhere. Google Trends allows you to get an understanding of the potential search volume.

Keyworddit – Reddit Keywords

This tool scrapes questions from Reddit and gives you actual questions and phrases people are looking for.

Pinterest – Keyword research for women

Pinterest is dominated by female users. When you go to promote a pin, it gives access to the keyword research data so you can see actual search volume.