WordPress Themes

The amount of themes available is stunning. While we have a dedicated guide on the BEST WordPress themes, this page will be the cliff notes version.

Themify Ultra – Best Overall Theme

I love the way Themify websites look and feel. Cool, modern but at the same time simple and elegant. Website Creative Pro uses the Themify Ultra theme and it has all the little details you would want in a theme. Control over the design of individual pages (like this one – look no header or footer!) as well as different headers and footer to change out with the click of a button.

You also get the intuitive drag and drop block editor on the back which gives you a lot of control over your design. If you want a theme to design any type of website, the Ultra theme is the best!.

DIVI Theme – Best Page Builder

DIVI is a drag and drop front end page builder that is simply second to none. DIVI is the choice of countless design professionals due to the speed at which you can create websites.

You can create any sort of website with the DIVI theme. What I don’t like about this theme however is that their pre-built designs are overly complicated (I care about site speed more so than just looking cool) and it’s a bit difficult to make a nice looking simple website which I find the Ultra theme to be better at.

But if you’re looking for the best front end visual website builder, look no further than DIVI.