Writing Tools

I’m pretty good at blogging. I worked as an ESL teacher in Thailand for a bit and developed a deep knowledge into the various aspects of sentence structures for the English language. More so than anyone needs to know on a practical basis.

These various writing tools will help you create better content. Let’s get into it!

Grammarly (Proofreading and Grammar)

Grammarly – Did you know that WordPress used to use the Google API to provide proofreading right from your WordPress dashboard? Well with the crazy growth of WordPress, this had to stop.

So people were left on their own to sort their content out. You could write in a text document, then upload it to WordPress. But a lot of people like myself, find it more helpful to just write in the dashboard and add links, images and video as I create the post.

Grammarly is an excellent service that you can download right now and add to Chrome for free.

It’s not perfect obviously. If you spell correctly, but have not yet mastered the difference between your and you’re or you put words in the wrong order because you’re an idiot Grammarly won’t save you. But it’s a simple and quick first line of defense against looking stupid 🙂

Buzz Sumo – Find Popular Content

Buzz Sumo allows you to find popular content that’s being shared on a website. This is helpful for I hope obvious reasons. If you have a competitor website that is getting thousands of visitors a day, it would be pretty helpful to know what their most popular content is right?

That’s where Buzz Sumo comes into play. It gives you the amount of social shares and the title of the piece of content. This is useful for coming up with content ideas and headlines for yourself. With a free account you can look at the past year’s worth of data. For beyond that you will need to upgrade your account.

Create your free Buzz Sumo Account.

Co Schedule – Write Better Headlines

Co Schedule is a website that will rate your headlines from “meh” to “stunning and brave” 🙂

Seriously though, headlines are so important and learning how to write headlines that contain your keyword but are still clickable and interesting is a difficult process. Co Schedule simply gives you actionable feedback on the quality of your headline across various dimensions.

Checkout Co Schedule today.