YouTube Tools For Video Production

I never considered myself a camera guy and had zero interest in cameras until I started making YouTube videos as a vlogger (yea I was one of those guys walking and talking into a camera). Eventually, I started wanting to make tutorial videos for Website Creative Pro.

Here is what you’re going to want if you’re looking to get started making YouTube videos.

Canon SL 2 / 200D – Best Starter Camera For Studio Recording

SL 2 with a Kit Lens. Click to check it out on Amazon.

This my personal camera I use for all my studio shots. It’s the lowest price DSLR you can get, has a flip out screen so you can actually frame yourself into the shot with ease. It’s a DSLR and pairs well with some excellent lenses without needing an additional expensive speed booster. Lastly, it’s tiny and produces video quality on par with Canon’s more expensive cameras.

I only mention the speed booster because people suggest getting the M50 (which is more expensive than the SL 2 and has worse video quality) and to get a $200 speed booster for it so you can use the lenses the SL 2 uses. Seems kind of dumb if all you’re looking to do is get started creating YouTube videos.

The SL 2 is an affordable, feature rich camera ideal for making YouTube talking head videos and online course creation. It’s what I suggest getting as a “first” camera. You won’t be disappointed.

The only con with this camera is the lack of stabilization. You can walk and talk with this DSLR, the auto focus will lock on you and it will look fine. But if you’re a travel vlogger and want to walk and show a landscape it will be way to shaky.

Two Lens Kit10-18 mm and a 50 mm lens Combo

Click to view on Amazon

This two lens kit is all you need to get any short of shot you want. Want that super wide angle look? The 10-18 mm will make that dream come true. Want a top notch portrait lens with that blurry background that can work amazingly well in low light? Say hello to the 50 mm.

Want generalist lens to take care of everything else? You got the kit lens! With this two lens kit and the kit lens with the SL 2, you’ll have everything you need to create beautiful, cinematic videos.

Canon G7X – Best Vlogging Camera

Perfect for vlogging – see what others think on Amazon

If you’re wanting to vlog, you’ll love the G7X. I started off with this but sold it to get the SL 2. When I made vlogs this camera was the perfect choice because it is small, very easy to take on trips and it has built in stabilization so your vlogs are nice and smooth.

You may see other vloggers using a larger camera but until you have a camera, you won’t realize how annoying it is to vlog on anything bigger than a G7X. You’re going to want something small, light and easy to take with you. Not some big heavy camera with a big lens. Your day is not that interesting 🙂

Seriously though, don’t think you need some big expensive camera to make vlogs. For vlogging and strictly vlogging, small and light is the way to go.

The drawback? NO MICROPHONE jack. This is seriously the main weakness of this camera. The on board audio is fine for vlogging when you’re out and about. But if you’re wanting something where you can make professional video courses or presentation videos for YouTube, get the SL 2 instead.

What about the GoPro? GoPro is ideal for travel vlogging too. Good picture quality, super small, stable video (no shaky cam with this one). The one drawback? It made me look weird. It’s a good choice if you need an action camera or something for vlogging but I still prefer the G7X.

Rhode Video Micro – Best Cheap Microphone

Small and light

Rhode Video Micro is a wonderful, small microphone that produces some excellent sound. It’s also tiny and light weight. Paired with the SL 2, you have a small, light DSLR setup that can produce great video and excellent sound.

While the audio is not quite as deep and rich as it’s bigger, bulkier and more expensive brother, the Video Mic Pro (opens in a new tab) – for the price you get an excellent small microphone.

Zoom H2N – Excellent Microphone

Small, portable, excellent sound

The Zoom H2N (see the price on Amazon) is a marvel of a microphone. Excellent price point, very rich and full sounding. I use this microphone for all my screen capture videos and my talking head videos when in my apartment (instead of using the Rhode Video Micro).

If you’re going to be making any type of explainer video or doing any sort of screen capture you’re going to need an oustanding microphone capable of producing high quality sound. That microphone is the Zoom H2N.

Elements – Western Digital External Hard Drive

Essential for any video creator.

When you start making videos you’ll quickly see how much space they take up on your laptop. I use this portable external hard drive to store various video clips, website reviews and finished videos.

I like this particular external hard drive because it’s so small, so portable and you get enough storage space to last you for years.

You’re going to need an external hard drive, I’ve always had great experiences with Western Digital products.

Snag It – Screen Capture Software

My screen capture software of choice. If you’re using a Windows machine get a copy of Snag It for all your screen recording needs. Don’t waste time with annoying free software. Snag It is very affordable, it’s a one time fee and it works great.

If you’ve been wondering how I record my screen, I use Snag It to get the job done.

Hit Film Express – Free Video Editor

Hit Film is a powerful video editor. It has a free version and a much more feature rich paid version. Hit Film is just as every bit powerful as the industry standard Adobe Premier Pro without the monthly subscription. Hit Film Express is totally free to use and there are a lot of tutorials for you to learn how to use the powerful software.

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