How To Write Your About Page

*This material is part of our “how-to” series where we cover essentials for important pages every website needs. This material is an overview for how to make a homepage. For related content checkout:

When you make a website you are also responsible for creating all the content.

This is the first in a series of “how to write” for specific pages every website needs: An about page, a home page, contact page, privacy policy page, terms of use and disclosures page. These are absolutely essential when building a website – you need them.

The problem is the details that go into make a good about page and good contact page are sometimes not apparent to those who create their first website (and it shows). There are best practices to follow to make these pages shine and fulfill their intended purpose.

A great analogy is to equate it to hygiene – people expect you to shower and brush your teeth. When you don’t do it, it’s something people will notice.

Same principles apply with a website. Your visitors are expecting an about and contact page in your navigation bar and for your professional, legal, and transparency pages they will look for that stuff at the bottom of your website (privacy policy, terms of use and any disclosures for your website). Also please, don’t be lazy and add these pages to your navigation bar. It’s a total turn off for visitors because it looks like you don’t know what you’re doing.

First up is the about page.


First, the about page is never about you specifically. It’s about your site and the reason why anyone should pay attention to it. If you want to get more personal, simply write 2 about pages.

Have an about page for your website that is linked in the menu, then have a link somewhere in that about page to a “learn more about me” page.

For the about page for the website:

Welcome them to the site.

Welcome your visitor to the site and throw some positive stats, social proof or whatever you can about the site. This is your headline area so you need to capture attention by using some compelling language.

Example is something like “welcome to Over 80,000 people per month visit and use our tutorials!”

Write about why the site exists and when it was started.

This is the mission of the site. Something like “this site is about strength, courage, bravery and everything that makes being a man great,” or how about, “I take a different approach than other so called experts.”

You need a concise, 1 sentence statement to brand your website that leads into a short paragraph explaining why you’re worthy of attention. It does not need to be grandiose (unless it fits the style of the website). It needs to be a bit clever, clear and compelling.

Write about the goals of the site and how it is different or unique from other websites and services in the same space.

In other words talk about your unique selling point, your reason why anyone should care. This may involve the journey you were on that lead you to start the website. Don’t devolve into talking too much about yourself, keep it strictly about why the website came into being.

Just call it and about page

No need to get too fancy. Alternatives could be:

  • about page
  • about/contact
  • New? Start here
  • About (name of author or website)
  • Why (Name of author)

Have it found in the navigation bar since that’s where all visitors to your site and any site for that matter are going to expect it to be.

You need social proof and why someone should listen to you.

Key focuses about you personally should revolve around WHY you are qualified to write what you’re writing. Remember, no one cares about you until after they’re a fan. If they’re reading your about page then likely they are a new visitor.

Throw in any “featured in _____” or any credentials you have. If no credentials, what about results or feedback from your audience?

Use a photo of yourself smiling or smirking.

Within reason. No need to have a full on goofy smile, but an inspiring picture of you looking happy and doing something cool makes people feel that you have things together and have the answers to success (even if you don’t). Try to be in shape too.

Provide a way for visitors to contact you.

You can link to the contact page, or better, link to your social media accounts.

Funnel their attention!

Have an email list? Have a free product or free course or free cheat sheet or free video or SOMETHING? Funnel their attention to this. Use persuasive language like –

80,000 people visit this website. Join them by using our proven tutorials to build YOU ONLINE. Get started here.

Something like that you’ll need and it should go at the bottom of the page.

At a minimum have an opt-in form for your email list AND/OR a link to your best content as a way for visitors to fall in love with your website.

Lastly, you really do need to know your audience

You have to have some idea of who will be visiting your website. Are they rich or poor, young or old, religious, moral, immoral. You really can’t be for everyone. This idea goes in combination with your unique selling point. How are you different and who are you trying to reach?

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