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Your contact form should be found on either a separate contact page (and call it contact or contact page using the /contact as the URL) or within the about page. It should be a short page with minimal information.

If you’re wanting to have a contact form (a box where people can type in their message) you can use a WordPress plugin called Contact Form 7 or you can use a plugin called Ninja Forms.

These two plugins once installed will give you the option to setup a form and then paste it where ever you want using short code:

I use contact form 7.

I like it more than Ninja Forms because it’s simple and under the “mail” tab you can set where the message goes when someone emails you.

With Ninja Forms you’re stuck using the email that your admin account is linked to (the email you used when setting up your WordPress website).

This is super annoying because you may want to use different emails. I have one form for people who want to take advantage of my website setup service and other standard contact form. People who want the service are sent to a VA who takes care of the website setup process. The contact form goes to a different business email for Website Creative Pro.

Anyways, you simply install the Contact Form 7 plugin. Then you can customize what fields you want or don’t want (see image above). To remove a field simply delete the text!

To install the form simply copy and paste the shortcode into any page.

Simple. At a minimum you’ll need to have: Name, email, message. 

Do you need a contact form?


While it does look fancy, the downside of having a form is that it increase the amount of email you’ll get as well as spam. This is not an issue with a new website. It only becomes an issue for a high traffic website. This is why many popular websites forgo having a form all together and instead just provide an email address instead.

For the contact page, here are some things to know:

  1. Provide either an email address or a contact form on your contact page.
  2. Contact forms can be created by many WordPress plug-ins.
  3. Be friendly and welcoming and don’t pretend to be busy and overwhelmed with email if you are not.
  4. Filter who can contact you by answering commonly asked questions or providing answers to common questions or link to an FAQ page
  5. Set expectations of conversation. If you’re not going to reply, let the person know that you get a lot of email.

On the contact page offer links and contact email for specific inquiries if it makes sense

Do you give paid speeches? Provide support for your products? Do you have a media publicist?

These sorts of links go on your contact page.

Lastly, provide PO Box address or street address as well as a phone number on your contact page if your website is a business (and not a personal blog).

That’s it! Keep it short and sweet and go create your contact page 🙂

Contact Form 7 vs Ninja Forms

Both of these two plugins (Contact Form 7 and Ninja Forms) are found in the WordPress plugin directory. I suggest using Contact Form 7 over Ninja Forms simply because you can choose the email you want messages to go to.

Contact Form 7 Pros

It’s simple and lightweight. You get a shortcode you can copy and paste anywhere you your website to produce the contact form. You can also edit the fields easily and input where you want the messages to go. So you could set up 2 forms and each form has the messages going to a different email.

Contact Form 7 Cons

It’s not beautiful designed.

Ninja Forms Pros

An awesome visual editor to customize forms. If you’re needing a contact form that has more specific fields, say you want a user to input their phone number or country or whatever, Ninja Forms will be the better choice.

Ninja Form Cons

With Ninja Forms, it uses the email you used when creating your website. So if you click on setting >> general THAT is the email all messages will go to. As far as I can tell you can’t chance this which is why I don’t use Ninja Forms. Also while the plugin is beautifully design, it’s a bit overkill for such a feature for most people.

It’s a small thing I know, but I like being able to have my personal email in the settings and having messages sent to a professional email (you@yourwebsite).

Alternatives to a Contact Page

I personally like to use my Facebook page to manage messages and I encourage people to contact me via Facebook.

You could also use your favorite social media platform to take messages instead.

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