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Helping your “right people” defeat their market villains is a “no-brainer” way to make customers for life.

Here’s how….

Have you ever bought a non fiction book off Amazon? How about an information product to help you do something with greater proficiency?

Maybe you’re currently subscribed to an email list to learn some insight to help you perform better with your relationships at home or at work.


Why have you bought into these things? Is it simply for the desire to improve yourself? Perhaps.

People are motivated by a desire to become better as a way to open up new income sources, job prospects, or to improve upon something they already do.

It’s no surprise that when you can make a big difference with a small change, people will gladly invest in themselves because it becomes very worthwhile as the dividends are paid out for life.

Investing in yourself to defeat your villains 

There is another, underlying reason why you buy information products or why I buy information products or why anyone would fork over their hard earned cash to buy information products: It’s to defeat their perceived villains.

Everyone has their villains.

1) It’s the auto mechanics who don’t like it when dealerships and auto manufactures collude together to force their customers to stay in-house at the dealership for auto work.

2) It’s the heath and fitness website that really wants to become the high quality resource for people who want to stay in shape, make smart choices with food, and form better habits by being the default resource on the web for heath and fitness by “beating” their low quality, spammy, money focused competitors.

*This example is from a recent interview on Mixery about the website Greatist founded by Derek Flanzraich. It’s a good one, catch it before it becomes unavailable.

3) For me its the online bullshit artists who want to take advantage of your lack of knowledge when it comes to building a successful and beautiful website.

4) For Ramit Sethi of it’s the personal finance “experts” who tell young people to budget their money and to not spend cash on lattes because it’s not an efficient allocation of resources.

5) For Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non Conformity it’s the people in your life who tell you you’re being irresponsible and foolish for wanting to live an unconventional life that involves doing things other people are not doing.

6) For Brett Mckay of The Art of Manliness his villains were the publishers of men’s magazines that defined manliness as simply sex, girls, drinking beer and getting 6 pack abs.

7) For the creators of KISSmetrics their market villains are the creators of website analytic software that won’t tell you the actionable things you need to do to make your website better for your users.

8) Tim Sykes of teaches people how make money by buying and selling penny stocks. His villains are the pump and dump stocks artists who prey on peoples gullibility for stock hype.

How you can use a current frustration in a market to make a customer for life?

Before you decide to create your website, think about the reason why you’re making it. Is their a villain you’re hoping to fight against? Not every website or consumer has a villain. But many do, and knowing this clears an astonishingly easy path of what to do next if you realize an obvious villain you wish to oppose-> defeat the bastard!

First, people are always thinking about their villains, even you. Take an inventory of your own personal villains for product and website ideas.

When I say “villain”, I’m referring to another actual human being who is opposing you. I’m not speaking in hyperbole (perhaps a little bit) or a metaphor. Like Brett McKay opposing the publishers of low quality men’s magazines that don’t help men to become men. These publishers are people.

Enter a market with an information product that helps your right people over-come their villains.

Conduct extensive research to determine villains and potential products to defeat them.

The Market research: They may need it, but they may not want it

There was once a hard-working and generous farmer who had three idle and greedy sons. On his deathbed he told them that the would find his treasure if they were to dig in a certain field. As soon as the old man was dead, the sons hurried to the fields, which they dug up from one end to another, and with increasing desperation and concentration when they did not find the gold in the place indicated.

But they found no gold at all. Realizing that in his generosity their father must have given his gold away during his lifetime, they abandoned their search. Finally, it occurred to them that, since the land had been prepared they might as well now sow a crop. They planted wheat, which produced an abundant yield. They sold this crop and prospered that year.

After the harvest was in, the sons thought again about the bare possibility that they might have missed the buried gold, so they again dug up the fields, with the same result. After several years they became accustomed to labor, and to the cycle of the seasons, something which they had not understood before.

Now they understood the reason for their father’s method of training them, and they became honest and contented farmers. Ultimately, they found themselves possessed of sufficient wealth and no longer wondered about the hidden hoard.

Too many webmasters set out to create what they believe is the “worlds greatest information product for ______” based on what they had wished they had when they started. This is not defeating a market villain.

The mistake they made becomes more apparent when they begin to attempt to sell the product because they are working backwards. You don’t create a product then try and find people who want it.

Your success depends on you taking the time to do the hard work that matters by understanding what your potential customers want and need in order to defeat their villains. Like the sons who were greedy and wanted instant wealth. They instead found wealth through hard work. You will do the same.

The hard work that matters:

  • ASK…and keep asking. You do this online through surveys, emails, and forums. Find a place where your right people hangout and pay attention.
  • Uncover frustrations within your market. For business it could be employee problems, accounting problems, technology problems, lack of customers, trends and innovation that threaten the status quo etc.
  • Get data on the potential size of your market and make sure it’s accurate and also growing. You can do this by keyword research for terms related to your website. You can do this also by observing other websites that have already entered the market. Are there more that 3 websites that are successful on the topic you wish to do? Are there magazines being published on what you wish to write about or sell? Are there sub categories within your market with people more interested in specific ideas or products? Don’t turn a blind eye if the data shows your market is not a good one.
  • Who else is selling a product related to your customer’s market villain? Are they successful? Are there many people selling to this market? A large market can support many information vendors so don’t let competition discourage you.
  • Who are the perceived market leaders and influencers? Are there ways to work with them?


Extensively research your market before creating your website and BEFORE deciding on what product or service to create.

Be careful and pragmatic about this as it takes a bit of work to uncover unique solutions to peoples perceived villains. Even if you’re an expert already, take the time to understand the frustrations people face and know the words they use to describe their villain. You don’t want to spend months creating a product people don’t want or are not ready for.

When you have conducted a proper level of research and have a good idea of what has worked and what has failed. You’ll then be ready to defeat a market villain.

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Posted on November 6, 2017 in Making Money

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