Domain Name Forwarding – What it is, Why You Would Use It


The practice of having one domain send you to another domain. This is very important and used in a few different ways:

  • People tend to own the .net and the .org version of their sites so they like to forward these to the .com version.
  • Another use is picking the preferred version of the domain. So is the URL or You need to pick one version and have the other one forward to the one you picked.
  • Lastly, it’s used over media for marketing and affiliate marketing purposes. If your product was found at you could register a domain name for your product and have it forward to the page on your website. This makes it easier to drive traffic when speaking in a video or over a pod cast.

For example: is a blog about life as a digital nomad. He promotes a Shopify course as an affiliate. Instead of using a URL on his website to redirect visitors, he uses a separate domain name. So instead of he uses

So when he write blog posts or wants to link to the course in the video description for a YouTube video, it’s much cleaner looking to have a whole domain instead of a URL.

I do this too for YouTube. I use to promote hosting offers as is a bit long.

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