GoDaddy Vs Namecheap

GoDaddy or Namecheap? We suggest Namecheap. Here’s Why.

Namecheap is simply cheaper and they provide WHOIS protection for free.. That’s why you should use them as your domain name registrar. Let’s take a quick look at prices between the two:


Namecheap is $8.48 because of a current promotion with the “real” price being 10.98 a year. Fair enough.

For the same exact domain name, GoDaddy offers a bigger upfront discount discount at $2.99 but then after the first two years will charge you $19.99 or more for the life of your domain name unless you move it to Namecheap which also costs money to do!

To me it simply makes no sense to go with GoDaddy. If this website is going to be a long term project you’re going to want to minimize this cost as best you can. With Namecheap you can go out and register your domain name for cheap, why pay more for Godaddy?

More Reasons Why To Pick Namecheap

The User Experience is better with Namecheap

Namecheap is a quick and easy process for registering a domain name. You simply use the search function to find a domain name you want, select the domain name extension and then create an account so you can pay and check out.


GoDaddy on the other hand is a busy and messy website with a lot of different services and buttons to click on. They also are overly aggressive with upsells. You don’t understand until you try to actually register a domain name with Godaddy.

Even in the picture above you can get an idea what GoDaddy is like. Having $2.99 as the price but in small print it’s actually way more expensive long term. Look at how under the domain, they provide a lot more buttons like “register” and what not.

I simply like Namecheap because the user experience is cleaner, more minimalistic and simple.

DNS Interface

This is the biggest reason why I don’t like GoDaddy. For my long form tutorial videos on how to create a website, it’s no problem walking people through how to change the nameservers at Namecheap to that of their web host.

For GoDaddy it’s a confusing nightmare as it’s busy, cluttered and they have irrelevant options than to what you want to do.

Domain Name Extras

Let’s break down what domain name extras you get with each domain name registrar. Both have their strong and weak points:

Namecheap Extras

  • Free email forwarding!
  • Free custom name servers!
  • No history of being hacked so their DNS is safe.
  • Whois privacy is included for free.
  • For Refunds you’re given store credit

GoDaddy Extras

  • GoDaddy charges for custom name servers.
  • GoDaddy charges for Whois privacy still.
  • GoDaddy offers email forwarding as an upsell.
  • Refunds you’re given your money back if you request a refund within 10 days.

Custom name servers? This is only applicable for hosting accounts like a VPN or a full server.

Company Values

GoDaddy lost a LOT of clients and support due to their support of the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA). SOPA was legislation in the United States that many users believed would have limited the free and unregulated use of the internet.

Namecheap publicly opposed the SOPA act. As such, tens of thousands of GoDaddy clients transfered their domain names over to Namecheap.

GoDaddy actively supports the SOPA legislation.

NameCheap is of course not the only domain name registrar, there are plenty of others.

I like NameCheap because of their price points, reputation as a leading domain name registrar and their years of being in business. If you want to look into other domain name registrars no problem!

ICANN maintains a list of ICANN-Accredited Registrars you can check out here. But I strongly suggest using Namecheap. Their my domain name registrar of choice.

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