What is Domain Parking?


You register a domain name. You don’t do anything with it. You just register it. No website, no email, no nothing. This is what domain name parking is. Domain parking is a common practice particularly if you want to secure a specific domain name BUT don’t have the time to build a site for it yet.

Why Do People Park Domain Names?

1 – The first reason is that it’s done to protect against domain squatters. If you have a website idea but worry about someone else registering your domain name register it yourself first and hold onto it.

2- The second way is that you can park a domain name and have advertisements run on it via your domain name registrar. You’ve seen sites like this:

This is useful because it allows you to monetize a website without actually building out a website. It’s only helpful if you have a keyword match domain name. Something people would type into their search browser. Something like drinkcoffee.com. Those sort of domain names do best.

A classic example is cellphones.com. This was a parked domain that made thousands of dollars from advertising as it got traffic from people directly typing in “cellphones.com” into their browser.

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