Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ! Below are the answers to the most common questions we get here at Website Creative Pro.

I (David) will keep my answers for each question no more than a few sentences to keep this short, concise, and to the point.

How Long Does it Take?

Ah, easily the most common question. How long does it take to make a blog or website that can start making money. If you do proper keyword research, pick the right niche, do the work consistently week over week (publishing at least 2 pieces of content) and focusing on a traffic source other than Google it will take about 6 months to start seeing results.

At the 6 month mark you should start seeing an increase in traffic and be getting enough traffic to where you start earning money. After continued work, week over week at about a year mark you should have a profitable asset.

What 1 year?! Yes 1 year. Minimum – more like 1.5 – 2 years. If this model is not for you, that’s cool – but blogging is one of the best business. It just takes a lot of time and up front work, but once it’s built you have this machine that helps people and makes money.

But again, It’s a grind as is anything worth doing.

Can you link to my website?

No. Please don’t email me with the whole “wow great post, I loved what you said about XYZ ” shtick. I’m a marketer myself and I see right through it. I’m happy to connect with people and share great content. Just be a person.

Can you review our product or service?

YES. I love engaging in affiliate marketing and I love promoting great products and services. Hit me up with your product and I’ll take a look.

Who designed your website? What theme are you using? is built using the Themify Ultra theme. It’s our #1 theme suggestion. We use it an love it. Our web host is SiteGround as well.

For more on this checkout the best WordPress themes page.

How much does this cost?

Your domain name will be about 10$ per year.

You can get a massive 70% discount with SiteGround for up to 3 years – $6 a month.

I want a free website – is this possible?

Sort of, you will still need need to register a domain name (it’s 10$ a year) and you can use a free web host.

Do I need to know how to code?

You will need to develop technical skills obviously but becoming a developer is not one of those. Our tutorials are designed to be beginner friendly so even if you have no technical skills, you can still create a website or start a blog with ease.

How do I rank in Google?

You will have to learn SEO. We have an excellent guide you should check out for getting search traffic: SEO and Link Building Explained.

How do you make money online with a website or blog?

We have just the guide for you: How to make money blogging.

Should I get the .com, .net or .org? Does it Matter?

You should strive to get the .com as it is the gold standard. But with regards to SEO, no it does not matter. I talked more about this in this video.