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Hi I’m David. Welcome to Website Creative Pro.

New webmasters get so hung up on the website part of “online” business that they forget the whole point of a website. To facilitate business. Remember, your website is NOT a business… a business is a business.


And that’s where Website Creative Pro comes in. To help give you the skills you need and the knowledge you don’t have to create that website & e-business you’ll love.


Listen, you get 3 seconds. That’s how long people will take to make a decision as to the fit and value of your website. So before you set out on a shiny new website that simply looks good, do you have the essential e-business elements down:

  • Does your website connect with your right people? 
  • Does it communicate to them how you can help them? 
  • Does it capture their email and names (because people won’t buy from you on first contact)? 
  • Lastly does it convert browsers into buyers? 

A website is NOT a business. A business is a business and your website should be (and will be) your number #1 sales person when done right by selling people what they want and giving them what the need.


Marketing is the lifeblood of your business and website, and high class marketing is simply clear effective communication about your products and services. If your committed to making money and helping people it’s your responsibility to reach your right people.

Ever heard that line “build it and they will come”? It’s eloquent bullshit. Build it and they will come will result in you going out of business. If you don’t know how to systematically attract prospects to your business and then elegantly convert them… you’re screwed because no business.

Remember, the best product or service in the world is useless if no one knows about it. Think of it this way, if you found the cure for cancer WHAT would you do? Sit around and wait for others to find out? NO WAY!


The qualities for success online are confidence in yourself, courage to fail, clarity of who you serve and what solutions you provide,  having an actual business model, having a strong connection to your customers and understanding their problems better than they do, being a professional with integrity so people feel safe doing business with you, being persistent and consistent week in and week out, quitting things fast that don’t work, and developing a habit of continual learning and web savviness.

If your focus with websites and online business is to make enough money so you can quit your job and then do what you really love you have the wrong mindset and will fail. You gotta be in it to win it because your competing against people who want it.

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