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If you’re new to online business, making websites, online marketing, and content creation: Welcome!

Hey I’m David, I’m the founder of and your personal trainer for building professional and profitable websites without needing super techy tech skills. That’s why I’ve put together some pretty valuable training material that you can find on this page. The best part? It’s all FREE.

Free as in free. No sign up, no registration, no fees no nothing. If you find this content helpful share it and consider subscribing to the YouTube channel.




There are the main guides on WCP that will show you how to get a website, blog or store up and running:


HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE: The BEST tutorial on the web for creating a WordPress powered website. Video tutorial + free how-to guide.

HOW TO START A BLOG: This free tutorial will show you how to set-up a blog even if you have no tech skills and will also show you HOW to blog too.

WORDPRESS CREATIVE PRO: My WordPress section will give you a good introduction to themes, plugins and the essential how-tos for WordPress.


Plan. Build. Promote. Profit. These advanced tutorial pages show you everything you need to know, do and understand in order to become a competent online professional.


WEBSITE PLANNING– This tutorial page covers the most important parts of a website you need to have in place before you spend any money or do anything else.

DOMAIN NAMES MASTERY – Everything you need to know about domains. From registering one, to understanding the what and the why behind them.

WEB HOSTING FOR BEGINNERS – Everything you need to know about hosting, your hosting account and what you need and why (so you can make an informed decision.

WordPress Themes Explained – Learn how to choose and customize the best WordPress theme for your website.

WEB DESIGN INTRO – You’re going to have to design your website. Learn how to make something cool, beautiful and modern without needing to code!

COPYWRITING – MAKE BETTER CONTENT – Words matter. What you write matters. Learn how to get the most out of your content.

WEBSITE TRAFFIC STRATEGIES – Build it and they will come does not work. Learn creative ways to build traffic and grow your digital presence.

EMAIL MARKETING PRIMER – Email is still a fantastic way to keep in touch with your audience, provide a lot of value and to make money.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH A WEBSITE – Once everything is up and running, designed well and your website is growing learn how to leverage your attention into profits.

HTML/CSS INTRO – Just for fun, learn how to create a website with JUST notepad as a way to understand the underpinnings of websites and appreciate how helpful WordPress is.


These pages are the most popular pages from my individual web hosting and domains tutorial pages. Enjoy!


HOST GATOR – Their cloud hosting for WordPress is amazing. Cheap, fast, and better than Blue Host (from actual tests!). The perfect balance of price, speed and performance.

HOW TO SIGN UP WITH HOST GATOR – This guide explains all your different options when purchasing a hosting account and also explains WHAT package to get and why.

HOST GATOR VS BLUE HOST – Coming soon, currently testing.

BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING – Coming soon, currently testing.

HOW TO NAME YOUR WEBSITE – How exactly do you come up with a winning domain name?

HOW TO GET YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME – This guide will walk you through the process of registering a domain name at Namecheap.

SHARED HOSTING EXPLAINED – Shared hosting is the cheapest and most appropriate level of hosting for new websites.

VPS HOSTING EXPLAINED – What is a VPS and when do you need one?

DEDICATED SERVERS EXPLAINED What is a dedicated server and when do you need to seriously consider getting one?

CLOUD HOSTING EXPLAINED – An explanation of the pros and cons of using both a cloud hosting package and a managed WordPress cloud hosting package.


I explain the various platform options you have, why WordPress is the best overall as well as some handy design tips for your website.


WEB DESIGN INTRO – This tutorial is a good starting point. It provides a broad overview of how a web page is structured.

WEB DESIGN BEST PRACTICES – In this material I outline the some of the most common mistakes I see from new websites. Namely, the knowledge assumption mistake.


What to Do Next

WOW, that sure is a lot of content! Did you find this website helpful at all? I put a lot of work into it to make it THE BEST website for creating a website with WordPress.

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Once your website is up and running, with your theme installed, plug-ins installed, your core pages written, your WordPress site customized the way you want it. Start publishing content. Get your website up to 10 pages of published content. Then start promoting it. Balancing every one hour on your website with 2 hours off your website promoting it.

Good luck with building your website and contact me if you need any advice.

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