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What exactly is copywriting? It’s copying someone else’s writing right?


Website Copywriting is actually the art of using words, images, video and audio to persuade someone to take some sort of action. That action as it relates to websites really revolves around three key drivers, to share your content on social media or with friends (growing your traffic). To turn web traffic into subscribers of your website (growing your prospects) and/or to persuade people to buy your products or products you recommend (growing your bottom line).

If you’re serious about learning how to use words to get people to take action (instead of using boring words that don’t convert) consider a course on copywriting (want to know what course is best for you?).

Otherwise, use this tutorial to learn actionable tactics for your online content today.


Copywriting is all around you.

Did you know that Land Rover in an effort to connect the “off-roading” lifestyle  with its target audience gave away an edible survival guide (see the picture above)? The pages are made out of edible paper and ink, the binder can be used as a skewer for food and the book is reflective (so you can signal planes and helicopters when you’re in distress.

Copywriting. It’s in the slogans you hear on the radio, it’s in the sales pages you find online, its the words and one liners you get from TV:

  • You’re in good hands with Allstate – Allstate
  • I’m lovin it -McDonalds
  • What’s in your wallet? – Capitol One

Copywriting is in the offers you see around you:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Kids eat free on Tuesday
  • NO ATM fees
  • Delivered in 30 minutes or less or it’s free

Copywriting is part art and part skill which makes copywriters some of the highest paid writers in the world apart from professional, well known, best selling authors.

There are plenty of paid options that exist to help you become a better copywriter too, and if you’re serious about learning how to write effectively you should invest in yourself as to become truly proficient at anything takes a substantial amount of time, energy and effort to learn. A course on copywriting teaches you the essentials and more which makes it a great start to teach you what you need to know in a very short time.

Design and Copywriting

With building your own website the areas you will want to excel at are web design (or at least developing an “eye for design”) and copywriting. These two skills go hand in hand with one another because after you set up your website you’re going to be spending the majority of your time writing,  publishing content and designing your website. So it’s very smart to learn how to write effective copy that has a purpose whilst also understanding how best to design your website to enhance your copy.

If courses are not a good fit for you right now it’s not a bad idea to pick up some books on copywriting  over at Amazon. In addition to Amazon, take an hour or two and go through this free tutorial which will help get you up to date with the concepts of copywriting, how they apply to your website, human psychology, and actionable things you can do (and not do!) to improve your current website or a website you’re planning on build.




Below is a summary of each with a link to the specific content on copywriting. Off to the side is a menu box with links to each of the mentioned sections. After going through each page you will have a fundamental understanding of copywriting, specifically: how to write headlines for people and for search engines, how to design your website for your copy, a rough idea of how to make a good landing page and sales page, how to demonstrate proof, and how to make products people want to buy by answering each objection they have to purchasing.

Design and Copywriting

Good design is a form of good copywriting because a well designed website converts it’s ideal user at a better rate than a poorly thought out website. Designers and armature webmasters often neglect the importance of good design as it matters to copywriting. This chapter will discuss why copywriting is important, why design is important, and how to blend the two together to help you achieve your online goals: Copywriting for the Web

 Headlines are Important (extremely important)

Your headlines are the most important aspect of your published online work. They are the first impression and perhaps only impression you get to give to random traffic as a way to convert them into readers, subscribers, and customers. Get lazy on your headlines, and you will quickly wonder why no one is reading what you wrote: Headlines – Why “It’s My Blogs Birthday” is a Stupid Title.

The structure of compelling content

What makes content addictive? What makes content go viral? What is the underlying structure to this content and how can you use this structure when crafting your content? Read The Structure of Compelling Content to find out.

What are Landing Pages and Sales Pages?

How exactly do you make a landing page or sales page for your product or service… and no a landing page is not simply a WordPress page with a “buy now” button on it. Learn tactics copywriters and webmasters use to build high converting, high quality, non-sketchy landing pages and sales pages: What is a Landing Page?

How To craft offers and sell your product online

Making a product alone is not enough. Neither is having a website to sell that product. Help boost product sales by learning how to market your product online with effective copywriting. If your traffic does not convert, what’s the point? Learn how to market your product online with copywriting to maximize sales.


Scarcity is the most powerful marketing tool business owners can leverage in order to increase sales. When done right, not only does it reward your right people for taking action, it also allows them to feel like they got a good deal. Unscrupulous marketers and con men however do use scarcity to sell crappy products. Learn all about using scarcity and avoiding scamarking.

Grammar Mistakes

You’re going to make mistakes with your published content. It’s not the end of the world, but I decided to create a piece of content that demonstrates some of the most common English grammar mistakes online so you can do your best to minimize turning off new readers with egregious mistakes. Read: Common English Grammar Mistakes.

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