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Hi, I’m David

I’m the founder of,, and I’m also a vlogger/blogger at I know websites and I want to help you create a profitable website you can be proud of.

I know what it’s like when you’re starting out. You want to take that first step, but are not sure how.

Plan, Build, Promote, Profit is designed to help you take that first step by giving you quality information at an affordable price. If you’re committed to making money, helping people and building something great, your’re going to need the right guides.

You Really Can Make Money From a Website

The internet is a weird thing, full of potential to earn a lot of money from. I’m living it. I could not believe it either years ago when I started getting emails for affiliate commissions I earned and checking my ad revenue to see I was making $20 a day passively.

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You will receive 4 beautifully designed ebooks that will:

  1. Help you plan out your potential website to see if it is even a good idea in the first place
  2. Show you ow to properly set up a website – WAY more in depth than any of my free material you can find
  3. Why on page SEO is more important towards getting traffic, how to create content people and search engines love and how to build website authority
  4. Creative ways to profit with a website with JVZoo, affiliate marketing, course creation and product creation

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A 115 page guide where I distill everything I know about planning a website. The goal of this book is to not only look at your potential website idea from a practical standpoint but also an emotional one as well.

Don’t be a money chaser or a copycat who simply creates an echo of a more popular website!


144 pages of dedicated awesomeness to creating a WordPress website. It’s my free create a website guide on steroids covering all the little details about creating a website that you simply would not know starting out.

I give my best suggestions for themes, design, plugins and a bunch of helpful resources for the technical side of things.


You need some complicated tool or so secret link building method only the experts know right? Well, there is a way to build links and authority but you don’t need some complicated, super secret SEO tool. I’ll show you how to get traffic and attention to your website in this 194 page book


How exactly do you make money with a website? Advertising right? That is always the response from people when I say I talk about making money with a blog. Advertising is one way, but is not the only way.

In this guide I’m going to reveal to you the different strategies you can leverage to make money with your blog. From using affiliate marketing the right way, to making money with advertising, to creating digital products like courses and ebooks – this guide will goes into it all.


If you think building an online business is not a “real” business. YOU’RE RIGHT.

Live anywhere with only a wifi connection? 85%+ profit margins? Make money in your sleep and while traveling?

A website + an email list + a traffic source = a walled garden.

Now, I’m NOT one of those “build it and they will come” types. Building a popular blog takes work, consistency and a solid strategy for how you’re going to get traffic. Don’t get stuck spinning your proverbial wheels. Get your website setup, start an email list and start looking at products and services to create and offer.

*30 Day Risk Free Guarantee*

Get these 4 books bundled together for  37 $24 risk free! Get your missing manuals for building a profitable website. Build YOU online today.

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