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Types of Websites You Can Make To Earn Money Online

BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE DOES NOT HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT ..and If it does happen by accident, the core concepts I talk about on this page are still true. You simply got lucky and stumbled upon the ...

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Unique Selling Point For Blogs and Niche Websites – Don’t Copy!

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF ANY WEBSITE I can’t stress this enough. Your unique selling point, (also known as a unique selling proposition or USP) is what will determine your website, blog or online ...

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Start a Blog You’ll Love in 2018 – Profitable, Professional and Easy!

START A BLOG, FREE TUTORIAL + VIDEO: Welcome to the Free, How To Start a Blog Tutorial. Let's start a blog! To be honest, blogging is not for everyone. In fact, for most people I would suggest ...

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What is Web Hosting? The Best Web Hosting Services Explained

WEB HOSTING EXPLAINED FOR SMART PEOPLE Web hosting is an essential part (and expense) of running a website - you basically can't have a website without a web host. The goal of this page is to ...

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DIY WordPress Website Design

This tutorial on WordPress website design assumes the following: You're using WordPress and a WordPress theme  You're not a programmer You're not studying programming You're new to website design and need the fundamentals You're smart ...

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Is Blogging Dead or is it Just a Slow Way of Making Money?

Is blogging dead?! This question gets asked all the time as other platforms grow and mature. You got pay per click guys running Facebook ads, you have Shopify and Amazon FBA stores, you have YouTubers etc. ...

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