Resources and Tools

Welcome to the behind the scenes resource page. The amount of tools available can be overwhelming. What do you need, what can you safely ignore, what should you keep in mind for later use as your website grows?

On this page we layout the most essential website and blogging tools for building and optimizing your website from step 1 to step done. This includes video creation, SEO and content marketing for your website.

So what do we use to run and manage Website Creative Pro?

Web Hosting

WPX Hosting – Our current host and the best web host for established websites that get over 50K pageviews a month. Fast hosting, excellent support, free migration (meaning you can move your site from any host to WPX for free!). WPX is WordPress hosting made easy.

Bluehost – We suggest new users go with Bluehost. They are the #1 recommended host for WordPress by WordPress for a reason. Competitive prices, good hosting and a great user experience.

Once your website starts breaks 1000 visitors a daily,  move over to WPX when your hosting term is up. For more, read our honest Bluehost review guide.

Domain Names

Namecheap – Our #1 choice for domain name registration. Great prices, good support. Most websites and YouTube videos instruct you to get your domain name at the web host but that’s a bad idea.

Web hosts and website builders like Bluehost or WIx offer a “free domain” but free is never free. It’s only free for the first year, after that you’ll have to pay an expensive renewal rate.

For the lowest prices on domain names go to Namecheap. See our guide on how to register a domain name.

WordPress Themes

Ultra Theme – This site uses the Ultra theme. Has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you can design beautiful websites. Coupon code ULTRAPRO for a purchase discount.

Email Marketing

Convert Kit – Excellent provider for email marketing and perfect if you have multiple products for sale and need to create multiple funnels. Only get Convert Kit if you will be promoting your own products or products as an affiliate.

Send in Blue – The best option if you want to send out weekly emails. I do this on my large ESL website where I send updates once a week every Wednesday. Unlike other providers, you pay based on emails sent. At their cheapest plan of $25 a month, you can send out 100,000 emails.

That means you can have a list of 20,000 people and email that list once a week for $25! Other providers would require you to pay close to one thousand dollars a month for a list size of anything over 10k.

Digital Products

Teachable – All our premium courses use the Teachable platform on the back end for a secure, quality experience for our students.

Skillshare – An excellent and free spot to put your courses. Skillshare is great because unlike Udemy, your courses tend to get more organic attention more easily. Also, as it’s a marketplace they help drive organic watch time of your courses.


*Please note, the following is suggested for beginners who don’t have any gear and want to get started.

Canon M50 – Best starter camera for video creation. A small, affordable mirrorless camera that can shoot in 4k (with a crop, but manageable if you’re doing talking head videos).

Canon 11-22 mm -The wide angle lens for the M50. Your background won’t be blurry, but I prefer a wide angle look.

Zoom H2N – The best microphone for laptop screen recording. If you’re wanting to do on screen tutorials, the H2N can provide professional level sound. You can also use this microphone as the external audio source for a camera to get that rich, deep sound.

Rhode Video Micro – A fraction of the cost of more expensive microphones. This microphone provides the bast sound quality for the value.

Purple Panda Lapel Mic – An excellent lav mic with good rich sound.

Video editors – For video editors you again have a lot of options. Movie Studio 17 is an affordable but feature rich editor for PC users. Final Cut Pro is for Mac users and Davinchi Resolve is the best PC alternative to Final Cut Pro on the PC. For screen capture software the best budget option is Snagit which can only record your screen and microphone. Screenflow is great for Mac and Camtasia is the expensive feature rich option for PC.

Powtoon – Excellent service to create engaging animated videos with ease.

More? More!

We maintain a complete list of the best blogging tools for SEO, content creation, video as well as design and marketing. Check it out: