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Hi I’m David. I have a broad range of web skills ranging from SEO, SEM, video creation and web design. I’ll review your website and give you a “first impressions” of it for just $10.

When you make the positive decision to purchase I’ll visit your website and record myself using your website or blog with screen capture software. Giving real time, professional feedback that you can take away and implement.

This is extremely helpful because of our own built in biases. Your website maybe clear and specific to you, but it may be quite confusing to anyone who visits. You may also be overlooking key aspects of design, SEO and the overall user experience.

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Ready to get started? I’m currently offering website reviews exclusively on Fiverr.

Why Fiverr? They make selling services online easy. Payment, communication, delivery and feedback are all taken care of with ease.

Professional Website Review

Get a fresh perspective on your website to help point out flaws you don’t see from a professional (instead of asking your mom what she thinks).

Professional Website Review

What People are Saying

I’m the real deal and these are actual gig reviews. You can see for yourself.

“What a relief! Finally someone who knows what he is doing.”

Can`t get better value for money than this. His review was 100% honest all the way, which is the most valuable feedback I will ever get in life. Thank you! Will order more. My highest recommendations!

“Excellent website review that gave me a lot of great ideas!”

Thank you so much for your help!! I really appreciated how you balanced your opinions about positives and negatives and your feedback was really constructive.

We got a very good idea of what we need to fix on our page. We were very surprised about all the issues with the page we never tought of. Going to fix these things and will get an other review afterward. Thanks a lot 🙂

“David is great and he is an asset to Fiverr community.”

He is on time and very professional. I like his advice and we will improve our site in the next a few week. Thanks David and keep up the good work. A+


I’ll make it easy for you.

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Want Your Website Reviewed?

The Perfect Site Structure

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The Perfect Site Structure


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Want a sample?

My audience over at YouTube loves my case study videos where I break apart a highly profitable website into what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong and the various lessons learned so you can implement into your own project.

Expect the same level of helpfulness for your own website review.