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Website Tutorials Made Easy

Welcome to our comprehensive website tutorials page. Our tutorials are published on Skillshare where you can get 14 days free upon signup through our link. Learn how to create a website, start a blog, make an online store and more with our easy to follow video website tutorials.

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Create a WordPress website

Come learn how to create a website from scratch with WordPress. We use the most popular web host in the world Bluehost, our preferred domain registrar of choice, Namecheap, and the current flagship theme from WordPress.

Create a website with WordPress

A complete tutorial on how to create a beautiful, responsive website with WordPress.

Create a Wix website from Scratch

Wix is an incredibly feature rich suite of tools for creating, designing and managing an online business. From their beginner friendly website builder where you can drag and drop elements into place, to e-commerce functionality, blogging, selling products and setting up memberships. Wix is an excellent choice for new content creators looking for an easy to use, WordPress alternative.

Wix Website Tutorial

Create an impressive, responsive SEO ready website.

wix webs

Start a Blog like a Pro

A blog is simply a section of a website. The goal of it is to get search engine traffic and to convert that traffic into subscribers or customers. In this tutorial we break down the technical aspects of setting up a blog by using Bluehost as our web host, Namecheap as our domain name registrar.

Start a Professional Blog

A complete tutorial on how start and grow a blog.

Make a Personal Website with Google Sites

Want to create an online resume or an “about me” style website? In this tutorial we use Google Sites as our website builder. It’s a completely free website builder with a drag and drop editor and no limits on how many pages you can have.

In this tutorial we also get a custom domain name from Namecheap and we show you how to set a custom domain using Google Sites.

Google Sites Tutorial

Google Sites is our favorite website builder for any type of 5-10 page website of a personal nature.

Start a blog with

Google’s blogger is an old school blogging platform that is still viable even today. While not as feature rich as WordPress, Blogger instead is perfect for any sort of personal blog. You get free web hosting and will only need to purchase a domain name from Namecheap.

Blogger Tutorial

Create a custom blogger blog you’ll love.

blogger tutorial

Use Google Search Console for Better SEO

Google’s Search Console is free tool to help webmasters understand how their website is performing with regards to their rankings and it provides insights into how to better optimize your content. The only issues it it’s not the most intuitive tool around and in this course we show you how to properly use Search Console.

Search Console

An excellent and under-rate SEO tool for better rankings.

search console

How to Write a Blog

Learning how to write a blog is a required aspect of content marketing. Not only is it a way for you to get free search engine traffic, but when done right it turns your website into your best sales person that works day and night.

The Professional Creators Guide to Blogging

From blog post design, title tags and feature images. Learn how to write a blog.

how to write a blog