7 Blogging Sites That Don’t Suck

Free blog! Get Started! It’s easy!

This is the hyperbolic language I found when researching this follow up to my WordPress and Dreamweaver alternatives. The only instance you would want to find an alternative to Dreamweaver or WordPress was if you wanted something with less bloated than WordPress or you want to learn HTML and CSS but don’t want Dreamweaver for whatever reason (it is a bit pricey).

So, let’s talk about some of the best free blog sites.

You will learn

What platforms exist today that you can use to start a free blog with no strings attached. Free means free. If the platform has a 14 day trial, it’s not free.

What’s the advantage of this? For webmasters, leveraging a free blog platform is a decent way to cultivate backlinks for your own work to help with your rankings. Start a separate website on a free platform. Build it out with video, text and audio. Link it to numerous relevant resources (including your website and other free platforms you’ve created a blog on).

Apart from the marketing, these are also effective platforms to write on. My favorite being Svbtle.com. Let’s get into it.

Free Blog Sites By WebsiteCreativePro.com




SVBTLE My favorite on the list. Update, It used to be free and that you had to apply for membership to get access. Now it costs a small amount to get started and it has that 14 day trial everyone loves. Worth a look if you want to start a personal blog.

 – SETT –



SETT is free/premium platform developed in part by this popular blogger. What’s a SETT blog? There are two types. The free type like this, and the premium type like this. The free version allows you to have a sub domain on SETT.com and the premium features allow you to use SETT as a publishing platform like WordPress. They offer migration services from WordPress if you’re interested.

The selling point of SETT is an already build in community of SETT readers as well as a tried and tested blog layout that seems to be effective at getting more comments and more engagement from an audience.

– Post Haven –

post haven


Hey remember Posterous? It got aquired by Twitter and has now died :(. But the founders are back at it with Post Haven. It’s not free, but they promise they will never shut down or be aquired. Ever. No really. NEVER. Read about their pledge here.

– ghost –



Ghost, another platform marketed as free but in reality it’s a content management system with premium features. You can download it for free and install it on your server like you would WordPress. The difference comes in that all the important things a layman would want are at a premium price and the price is determined by how many views your website gets instead of bandwidth. Views are a poor metric because I’ve had websites in the past be the victim of “refer spam” where a website would refer 100-1000 visitors but in reality it’s just a machine and not a human. The reason for this is to get your attention when looking at your analytics and to check out their website.

Ghost, perfect for companies and organizations. For the individual, not so much.

– Tumblr –



I’m sure you’ve heard of Tumblr. It’s a blogging platform that is designed to be about as simple as possible for anyone to use and publish content. Tumblr can be used as an alternative to WordPress as a content management system or it can be used as a blog. Tumblr is great if you have a website already and simply want to create a “second channel” for your main website. Mashable.com does this well with their behind the scenes Tumblr blog. With a massive built in community and when done right; Tumblr can send a lot of targeted traffic to your main website. A great example of this is this Tumblr blog on source code in TV.




Webs used to be known as Freewebs.com and was actually free. Now it’s a simple but elegant website builder. 30 day trial with some dated themes. I would look else where.

– Weebly –



Weebly is like Webs except that they actually offer a free forever plan. Your website is a sub domain of Weebly.com and if you don’t log in for 30 days your website get’s deleted. It’s a good way try out Weebly to see if it’s right for you.

What is it exactly? Weebly is simply a website builder platform for static websites, blogs, and online stores.

– WordPress.com –



WordPress.com is not the content management system found over at WordPress.org. Instead it’s strictly a 100% blogging website where you can sign up for free and get to publishing as soon as possible. Your website will be on a sub domain which is to be expected at a free price point. If you want to use your own domain and use WordPress.com as your free host you can!


(no homepage, you can sign in with your Google account)

Blogger! Just like WordPress in that you can use a sub domain of blogger or use your own domain and use blogger as a free host. Blogger is owned by Google and you can sign up for your free blog site by simply using your Gmail account. Blogger though, has not been well maintained over the years and is starting to look dated.




Medium is just another free blogging website akin to to Thought Catalog. Your work will get published here so long as you don’t violate their rules.

Hub Pages

hub pages


HubPages.com is a free blogging website where the focus is on creating high quality, unique hubs based around your passion. They have a strict editorial review and it’s a bit difficult to get your “Hub” published if you’re not willing to put in the hours of time and research. The reward however is that they offer revenue sharing on all ads on your Hub as well as as Amazon Associates without you needing to pay for hosting or your domain name.

It’s a passive income source, but there are better options if money is your goal (like Fiverr for example). For example, you only get 5% commission as it is from Amazon. This 5% you need to split between 60% to you and 40% to Hub Pages. I would approach Hub Pages as a place to get high quality links for my website and forego the options to make a tiny amount of money.

– Pen.io –

pen io


Pen.io – Damn this one is pretty fun! Publish anonymously to the web if you like. All you need to do is create your URL, password and enter a captcha. Then you can publish whatever you like. Millions of pages have already been made. I’ve used this website to respond to Twitter messages. From their own “what you can use Pen.IO for:


  1. Create an online Resume
  2. Share the Lyrics of your favorite song
  3. Share a poem
  4. Share the Details your upcoming event
  5. Design an about me page
  6. Share a snippet of code with the open source community
  7. Write an anonymous letter to the world
  8. Share your screenplay
  9. Have an anonymous bitch on why the x is so x
  10. Signup for a page and leave it as the default (squat)
  11. Complain about why Techcrunch got it wrong
  12. Fill a page with Lorem Ipsum for the hell of it
  13. Share lecture notes with your class

Final Words for Free Blogging Website Trends

The move is clear to killing off the fremium model with free blogging websites as well as website builders that offer blogging as a functionality of your website. I’m always on the belief that you should create your own website.(you can find more out here on getting your website set up) as opposed to using someone elses platform.

If you want to use a hosted platform the best out their right now for free blogging would be:

  1. WordPress.com
  2. Followed by Tumblr
  3. Then SETT.com
  4. Then Blogger
  5. Then Pen.io
  6. Then Weebly

Thanks for reading. Share on Facebook and Tumblr please. It’s a small action on your part that opens up this website to a much greater audience.