.cypto vs .zil – What’s the Difference?

by David Utke | Last Updated: November 2, 2021

The .crypto domain extension is tied to the Ethereum blockchain while .zil domains are tied to the lesser known Zilliqa blockchain. Zilliqa is an Ethereum competitor and between the two, .crypto is better as Ethereum continues to dominate the NFT space.

The .crypto vs .zil debate emerged initially because Unstoppable Domains only offered these two extensions. Now, they’ve since expanded with numerous other extensions like .wallet for example (perfect for an individual payment gateway).

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NFT emergence

The cryptoverse is exploding with growth and new projects, one of the more interesting developments has been the emergence of domain names (.crypto and .zil) as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. While a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can be traded for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges, an NFT is unique to each user and cannot be exchanged for another asset.

The first project to use this technology was CryptoKitties – collectible cats that live on Ethereum’s blockchain. Recently, Zilliqa unveiled plans to launch their own zil token as well as an ecosystem of crypto assets like domain names designed specifically for Zilliqa’s platform to be an alternative to the .cypto address which is tied to Ethereum.

As these two projects are validating the viability of NFTs, it begs the question: which domain extension should you pick for your payment processing needs, a .crypto or a .zil? The .crypto extension uses the Ethereum blockchain while a .zil which uses the Zilliqua block chain, so which one is best?

Are NFT Domains Worth Getting?

NFT domains are a new type of domain that are not part of the traditional, centralized DNS system. Instead, the domain name’s value is stored in a digital wallet as an ERC-721 token. A wallet is way managing your private keys and signing transaction when sending and receiving crypto currencies.

A wallet does not store the actual crypto inside like a lot of beginners assume; rather, it stores the information needed to control the transfer of funds from one party to another through a computer or hand-held device.

As such, NFT domains have many benefits for crypto currency holders in that you can have a custom payment address. Right now you’re able to own a .crypto domain or .zil domain outright with no renewal fees like a traditional domain registrar and their is the potential long term value of owning an in demand domain name.

The .crypto vs .zil debate

The crypto vs zil debate has been going on for some time now that Unstoppable Domains allows you to get both these NFT domains. Bitcoin and Ethereum are household names, but not so much Zilliqa. It’s a new platform that is designed to scale faster than the more established options.

As of right now, there are two schools of thought about where crypto is headed in the future: one school says these coins will be replaced by newer versions — such as ZILs— while another school argues they’ll remain popular for years to come because they can store value and provide privacy for transactions.

What’s the technology difference between .crypto and .zil?

The .crypto domains live on Ethereum and the Zilliqa blockchain is where domains with a .zil extension live. Both blockchains are fundamentally the samefor both websites and payments with some differences between them that you should be aware of before making your decision.

The Zilliqa blockchain is more affordable, with cheaper fees and faster transaction times. Ethereum however is older and has a deeper ecosystem of integrations like web3 tools or marketplaces for collaborating and trading cryptocurrency and NFT’s like the OpenSea.

In general, Gas fees for transactions are too high for the current Ethereum network, but like all new technology the potential is there once costs are more under control. The underlying blockchain differences however do not matter when deciding between .crypto vs .zil because either one can be used on the payments side or censorship-resistant websites as long as they are ERC20 tokens.

Zilliqa vs Ethereum

Zilliqa is a new blockchain platform that has been developed to address the scalability issues faced by current blockchains. The team behind Zilliqa have created a scalable, secure and easily programmable smart contract language called Scilla which is based on the more established Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

This blockchain aims to scale transactions and reduce fees. The ZIL token of this chain has recorded speeds up to 2,000 tx/s (transactions-per-second). This makes it four times faster than Ethereum with their typical speed around .25 – 1T tx/s.

On average wait time for confirmation on throughput of 1000tps will be 3 seconds or less in comparison to as much as 15 minutes for Ethereuem due its slower transaction processes over 30 seconds at best.

Ethereum is a smart contract platform that has risen to prominence in the past few years. With over $30 billion market cap, it’s not hard to see why Ethereum is considered one of the most valuable blockchain networks.

There are some who believe that Ethereum will be overtaken by a newer and better contender (Cardano, Polkadot etc). One such contender is Zilliqa, which offers scalability, security, and speed for dApps on their network.

Sell .crypto domains more easily

Domaining is big business with .com’s being sold for large sums of cash. Voice.com for example was sold for a staggering 30 million USD in 2019. The current usefulness of .crypt and .zil domains has yet to be seen beyond being useful for receiving crypto payments more easily.

With that said, if you can secure a valuable .crypto or .zil domain now, it may be worth much more in the future. One advantage of a .crypo is not only does it have better name recognition due in part to the OpenSea.io, you have the ability however to buy and claim a .crypto domain and to then turn around and sell it.

By contrast .zil domains are not supported. So if brad recognition and the ability to resell are important to you, then a .crypto is more ideal.

.crypto vs .zil conclusion

If you’re interested in receiving and sending cryptocurrency payments online then setting up an account at Unstoppable Domains will be your best bet. You can go ahead and buy both a .crypt or zil domain through their platform with ease and set them up as a payment gateway.

The .zil extension and their respective coin is used for the Zilliqa blockchain platform, which aims to solve scalability issues with existing blockchains. But Ethereum and .crypto is more established. So it’s a trade off of usefulness, branding and long term viability.

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