How To Make a Homepage Correctly With WordPress (Design + UX)

How To Make a Homepage in WordPress

From a technical standpoint you need to create two pages in WordPress. After you do that, simply head over to “settings” then “reading.” On this page is where you can set a page to be the dedicated homepage and another page to be your blog post page.

Once you’ve done that, congrats you now have a homepage and a blog section of your website. Now the real issue, how should you design your homepage?

1 page, 1 purpose.

This is how any page should be crafted. Your homepage is no different BUT it’s hard because it’s so tempting to put a lot on your homepage. An email opt-in form, recent blog posts, your products, links to your best posts, introductory language welcoming people and explaining what the site is about.

It’s too much!

 Options For Homepages:

1 – The blog roll

This is a fine option and it’s what a lot of very popular blogs do. The blog roll is simply your blog posts laid out in chronological order. This layout works because people who read your blog can easily find your latest content. By finding your content they can start to read your site and then you have their attention which you can funnel into an email opt-in form or a product.

The blog roll is also helpful in that your homepage usually has the most links (and thus the most authority) so it gives your newest posts a bit of an SEO bost as they are linked directly from the homepage.

If you have no idea what to do for a homepage, going with the standard blog roll can work, particularly if your goal is to simply make money via Amazon associates and Google AdSense.

2 – A visual menu for the website

More ideal for an agency or an online store, a visual menu means you take each on of your menu items and give it it’s own section on your homepage. This works because the homepage then introduces the various aspects and services of a website. Allowing users to self select what part of your specific offering they want to go more deeply into.

3 – Niche Website Layout

Niche website, or content websites as I prefer to call them have a very easy and effective layout. Simply have a call to action at the top of the menu. This call to action can either link to another important page on your website OR have it link to an email opt-in form.

Then follow it up with your blog posts and at the bottom of the page have an opt-in form for your email list.

Simple, easy and it works:

Call to action sentence, link to an important page or have email opt-in form followed your best blog posts. Yes I know you want to link to your podcast, Youtube channel, ebook, a blurb about you, affiliate links  etc but again it’s too much.

Keep your homepage simple.

4 – Go after a competitive keyword with a tutorial of some sort

Another type of homepage would be to make your homepage a long form piece of content that is going after a very competitive keyword. What comes to mind in my space is

This website currently ranks on the first page of Google for “create a website” and “make a website” which in turns drives tens of thousands of visitors a month which then in turns makes thousands of dollars in commissions from Blue Host.

The homepage for is simply a tutorial for how to create a website.

If I was to create a website about how to make money online, I would consider following this homepage layout and make my homepage the single best resource for how to make money online.

Again, think about search intent ALWAYS.

5 – About Me Homepage

Lastly, for more personal brands like, or my own blog – it also works to have a quick little introduction bio, list what projects and things you specifically do and have a call to action to join an email list.

This setup is ideal for a more personally branded website.

Your homepage will have 3 sections:

  • The header
  • The body
  • The footer


Most homepages have an opt-in form in the header (or a link to a free tutorial) with a sentence or two welcoming the visitor. Example:

Make money blogging and escape the 9 to 5!

Should I put an email form with the call to action?

I would either have an email form or a button that links to a money page.

If you want to go with an email form, what works better is to have a light box that pops up when people click the button or a dedicated sales page for selling people on why they should subscribe.


Next is the body. Either make it a visual menu for your site or have your latest blog posts or most popular posts.


The footer should have:

  1. You legal pages. Privacy policy, terms of use and so forth.
  2. You can also link to your about page and contact page here if you don’t want to put it in the main navigation menu.
  3. Another email opt-in form.  The bottom section of your website is one of the highest converting places for an email form.


The homepage should be clean and simple. It’s tempting to throw a lot of stuff in, but keep it simple and construct each section as outlined on this page. Here are some more concepts on how to make a homepage that win:

  • Welcome users to the site
  • Quickly answer the “what is this site about” question within the first 5 seconds. Meaning, you should be able to look at a site and determine what it’s about within 5 seconds.
  • Describe the problems of your “right people” and how your site is a solution to that problem.
  • Have a call to action – sign up to an email list, click on your consulting page, a page to help users find specific content.
  • Keep the page short unless you’re creating some sort of content to go after a popular keyword.
  • Your homepage should be targeting a keyword or phrase and it should meet the search intent for that keyword. For example if you have a site on personal development, you’re homepage needs to talk about your unique selling point in regards to personal development. Just saying “welcome to my personal development site” is not enough. Think about the person on the other end typing into a search engine “personal development” and what there needs are. Answer those needs.

How to Make a Homepage

So there you have it. You have multiple options for creating a homepage. The most optimal choice for your homepage really depends on what sort of website you’re creating. Don’t over think this. Just follow proven success principles of more popular websites and stay focused on creating content and building out your website.